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Every Indian student, once in his student life dreams of studying abroad and achieving greater heights in life. But, a lot of them drop the idea because of lack of guidance. To help out students, NCC Global is working exclusively for the students who aspire to study abroad but lack assistance. NCC Global provides the best coaching for IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT and other examinations like CELPIP, French Coaching, English Coaching and Spoken English for study abroad and also provides the best counselling to students wanting to study abroad. We have certified trainers who have been successfully coaching students to crack these exams. By providing quality education and counselling to students, NCC Global has become one of the best study abroad consultants in India, located in Chandigarh.

Here are the study abroad courses provided by NCC Global –

IELTS Coaching:

International English Language Testing System, commonly known as IELTS is a test taken up by students to study abroad, standardised by Foreign Universities. It is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP (Integrated Development Programme), and IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. Established in 1989, this examination evaluates the efficiency of students in speaking English. This examination, provides the following benefits to students:

1. Helps students to improve their English-speaking skills

2. Offers various career-oriented opportunities to the students

3. Acts as a foundation and helps the students to understand the competition in the present time

4. Provides the students with the necessary English-speaking skills for pursuing varied courses in foreign countries

5. Helps the students to communicate well with people and form a strong network which will ultimately help them grow in their respective fields

This examination consists of four modules: Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading. Both the types of IELTS, that is Academic and General Training, have similar Speaking and Listening tests, but varied Writing and Reading tests. The three modules, other than speaking, that is Listening, Writing and Reading are conducted on the same day without any breaks. Whereas the Speaking section of the test is conducted a week before or a week after the other modules of IELTS. In online mode, the speaking test is conducted before the other modules are conducted. The duration of IELTS is 2 hours 45 minutes. The pattern of this examination is 40 questions for listening and 40 questions for reading, with 2 tasks in writing and 3 sections in reading. To help students achieve the desired band score, it is critical to enrol in the best IELTS coaching. NCC Global is the best IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh, India.

TOEFL Coaching:

NCC Global holds an experience of more than a decade in training students for studying abroad through TOEFL and is the best TOEFL coaching institute in Chandigarh, India. The number of students who want to study abroad has increased nowadays compared to the time when studying abroad was something that a student could only dream of. TOEFL is an examination that a student must take up in order to study abroad. TOEFL is a widely accepted examination. More than 11, 500 universities accept this examination. Hence, it increases the chance of a student to study in foreign countries.


1. Reading: The duration of this section lasts from 54 to 72 minutes. Here, the student must answer 30 to 40 questions by reading a passage and answer them thoroughly.

2. Listening: This section of the examination takes roughly 40-60 minutes. Here, the student must listen to lectures and answer accordingly.

3. The third module is Speaking, here the student must speak fluently about a familiar topic.

4. The last module is Writing, where the student is assigned with two tasks, one, to place their opinion on a known topic, two, to demand them to utilize the content they used for listening and reading and place their comparison review.

SAT Coaching:

It is the most popular examination for studying abroad. It is conducted by the College Board for the students who desire to apply to foreign Universities for under-graduation. The motto behind conducting this examination is to analyse the students’ Evidence-based reading, writing and mathematical skills. This examination provides the student with the goal of studying abroad, which is highly competitive in today’s era. It is a well-known fact, that if a student manages to score well in SAT Examination, then you can easily get admissions in top foreign colleges and Universities. By scoring well in SAT, a student is also helping their parents from emptying their finances, as the student, by scoring well will avail scholarships. SAT Examination is an examination of 1600 marks. 50% of the question paper consists of maths and another 50% of the paper consists of Reading and Writing skills. A student’s SAT score depends on the level of accuracy, with which a student performs in the examination. In other words, the student can score more based on the number of questions he/she can answer. A student can answer less questions and score more (based on the accuracy). Likewise, a student can answer more questions and score less ( if he/she lacks accuracy). Hence, we can conclude by saying that SAT examination completely depends on the accuracy level of a student. So, it’s important to enrol yourself to the best SAT coaching institute. NCC Global provides the best SAT coaching in Chandigarh, India.

PTE Coaching:

Pearson Test of English is an examination, which students take up to get admissions in various, reputed foreign colleges and Universities. The result of this examination is basically utilized by the foreign countries to determine the proficiency of students in English speaking. In Chandigarh, a student-friendly city, the demand for SAT coaching has raised immensely. This examination provides a uniform result and is accepted in more than 3000 institutions worldwide. This test was initially designed by Pearson, in a practical and realistic way which is also convenient for the students to understand the whole concept of this internationally accredited test. This test consists basically of three sections. The first section comprises questions that analyse the speaking and writing skills of the student. The second part of the test comprises different fill-up and sentence arrangement type questions which analyses the reading skills of the student. The third section of the test assesses the listening skills of a student through displaying visuals and audios. Last year, that is in the year 2021, the duration of the test was changed to 2 hours, earlier it was 3 hours. The results are shared directly to the student’s email, which the student may receive within 48 hours to 5 working days. NCC Global provides the best PTE coaching in Chandigarh, India and help students score well as they have the best trained faculty, who are well-versed in the concepts of this test. Not only this, but the faculty will also provide personal attention to students, which will help the students to learn more and improvise themselves in a better way.

GRE Coaching:

Graduate Record Examinations., is an examination that assesses the language and communication skills of the students who aspire to study in countries like Canada, UK, USA and many other countries. This test presents a comparative study on the students’ capabilities and their social, cultural and economic backgrounds. this test comprises mainly of three sections namely- Quantitative Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Verbal Reasoning. One very important tip for any GRE aspirant is that they need to be thorough with each section of the test and what concepts each section consists of. The next important suggestion, which every GRE aspirant must keep in mind before starting the preparation for the test, is that one needs to be careful of the time management for each question and that one needs to attempt every question, even in exceptional situations, where the student has not answered accurately. Also, a student preparing for GRE has to make sure that he/she has made himself/herself thorough with the mock tests. That is why it is critical to enrol yourself to the best GRE coaching institute, NCC Global provides the best GRE coaching in Chandigarh, India.

GMAT Coaching:

Graduation Management Aptitude Test is an examination taken up by students aspiring to join international colleges and universities in different countries that offer varied choices to students(courses). Students aspiring to take up Management and MIM courses, take up this examination. GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test, (CAT). This test comprises four sections, namely, integrated reasoning section, analytical writing assessment, a quantitative and verbal section. At NCC Global, students are provided with coaching from the best trained faculties and the students are motivated through the success stories of the ex-students. To score well in GMAT examination, a student has to be provided with formal coaching in institutions like NCC Global. NCC Global is considered as the best GMAT coaching institute in Chandigarh, India.

Following are the features that NCC Global is known for:

1. The pattern of concepts and questions are designed exclusively for students.

2. The batches are small-sized, so the students are provided with personal interaction sessions for clearing their doubts related to the concepts.

3. The students are provided with a choice of either online or offline classes.

4. The faculties also provide the students with additional study materials.

5. Free online webinars are conducted in order to motivate students.

CELPIP Coaching:

Canadian English Proficiency Index Programme is an examination conducted in order to assess a student’s communicative English skills and provide them admissions in various foreign colleges. There are two types of CELPIP- General Test and General LS Test. It is a generally known fact that, CELPIP is better than IELTS as, IELTS has written papers, whereas CELPIP is completely computerised. The time consumption is less in CELPIP compared to IELTS. The special spell-check feature of CELPIP makes it stand out from the other examinations. The CELPIP General paper consists of four sections, namely, Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. The CELPIP General LS test consists of only two sections, that is Speaking and Listening. NCC Global holds a track-record of providing 100% results in CELPIP test and is considered as the best CELPIP coaching institute in Chandigarh, India. As the name of this test itself suggests, this test mainly provides opportunities in the country of Canada.

French Coaching:

With 300 million+ speakers globally, French is the world’s fifth-most spoken language after Mandarin, English, Spanish, and Arabic. It is also the only language spoken on five continents by people, apart from English. A few French language facts are:

  • There are 300 million Francophones throughout the globe in 106 countries and regions.
  • 235 million people use the French language daily globally.
  • 132 million people are learning French for jobs, immigration, education, etc.
  • 88 states and governments are members of the “International Organisation of La Francophonie/ OIF.”
  • 32 states and governments globally use French as an official language.
  • French is the world’s 5th highest spoken language in the total number of global speakers.
  • French is the fourth most widespread language on the Internet.
  • French is the second-most learned foreign language.
  • 59% of people who speak French daily are in Africa.

French learners can give the following tests to showcase their proficiency in the language:

1 – Le Diplôme Initial de Langue Française (DILF)

2 – Le Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française (DELF tout public)

3 – Le Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (DALF)

4 – Le Diplôme de Compétences en Langue (DCL)

5 – Le Test de connaissance du français (TCF)

If you, too, are planning to learn French and qualify for the exams, get in touch with NCC Global Counselors. They and NCC Global’s well-qualified trainers will guide you throughout the process and help you achieve your dream. They will ensure that you choose the correct test, set goals, and measure your progress.

Spoken English:

English can improve your fluency/ communication skills and boost your confidence in interviews, conversations, and education. The following reasons state why more than a billion people prefer to learn the English language each year.

  • In 2022, around 1.5 billion people globally spoke English natively or as a second language, slightly more than the 1.1 billion Mandarin Chinese-speaking people.
  • International universities prefer the language as a standard proficiency requirement for international students through tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
  • As per Ethonolouge, English is the highest spoken language worldwide.
  • There are 378 million native English speakers and 743 million non-native English speakers.
  • English is the highest-used language on the internet.
  • More than 50% of the world’s technical and scientific periodicals are in English.
  • As per Ethonolouge, English is spoken in 118 countries.
  • In 59 countries, the English language holds an official status.

This clearly states the importance of English worldwide. However, if you struggle with your English skills, connect with NCC Global counselors. They will ensure that you improve and get versed in the language, achieve your promotions, crack your job interviews, and succeed in proficiency tests.

If you wish to enrol yourself for any of the courses above, please contact NCC Global –

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