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Study in Europe

Study in Europe

Europe — a continent that is frequently mistaken for a nation. You, however, are wiser than that. We are aware. Suppose you intend to pursue a Master’s degree abroad. In that case, European countries should undoubtedly be on your list of potential study locations, regardless of where you are from— India, America, Asia, Africa, or Australia.

One of the most popular continents among Indian students in Europe. The students can develop their careers here thanks to the top-notch educational system. Therefore, it is the finest spot for you if you are considering a successful job.

Numerous well-known academics and lecturers are available to help you with your career. You can manage the impending obstacles in your professional life with the help of expert advice. You will have the best, healthiest environment to learn in here.

The incredible thing is how little it costs to study here. Here, tuition is less expensive. This country’s great atmosphere prevents you from ever getting bored. As a result, if you compare the exposure, this is your best option. Students are allowed to experience other cultures here. Several colleges in Europe work with other nations to maintain the level of education.

Why should you attend a university in Europe when studying abroad?

You might wonder what makes Europe so great. There are more than 40 different nations to travel to, which means there are more than 40 different cultures to get to know and absorb. You stand to earn a lot because of how well-regarded their higher education systems are.

Benefit from a wide selection of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate study programs and other higher education opportunities across Europe.

Discover various languages and cultures in a friendly, sociable setting.

Gain information, abilities, and experience abroad!

improve your CV Employers are looking for candidates who have taken an action that has forced them outside of their “comfort zone.” Getting a portion of your education abroad can help you stand out from the crowd and establish connections for the future.

Cheap tuition. Even if you’re coming from abroad, the cost of attending school in Europe is typically meager compared to what you’ll pay back home. You can also apply for several scholarships to further reduce the cost.

It is simple to move around the entire continent. Traveling through Europe is as simple as Easy Jet due to the proximity and small size! (Keep in mind that airline for your future vacations.) Traveling is generally affordable, so your student budget won’t suffer significantly.

A top-notch education. Europe is home to some of the top universities in the world! We highlight the leading universities in Europe since there is a vibrant community of international academics.

Universities/colleges in Europe:

These are Europe’s leading international universities.

World University Rank 2019 University Name World University Rank 2019 University Name
1 University of Oxford 40 Karolinska Institute
2 University of Cambridge 41 Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris
9 Imperial College London 44 Technical University of Munich
11 ETH Zurich 47 Heidelberg University
14 UCL 48 KU Leuven
26 London School of Economics and Political Science 57 University of Manchester
29 University of Edinburgh 58 Delft University of Technology
32 LMU Munich 59 Wageningen University & Research
35 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 62 University of Amsterdam
38 King’s College London 67 Humboldt University of Berlin

In-takes cycle

Deadlines & Timelines for Different Countries’ Submissions:

Intakes in France:

The center of quality research and education is also located in the global capital of food, fashion, and history. In France, there are two intakes: January and September. Students who miss the September intakes may still apply in January. September intake might be considered the main intake. However, January also offers many course options and sees a lot of applications from international students each year.

Intakes in Germany:

The main draws of Germany for international students are its free public universities and high-quality instruction. Germany has two intakes: September/October and April. Once more, the primary intake for English Speaking Courses is in September. Many universities are also offering English Speaking Courses for the April intake. In Germany.

Intakes in the Netherlands:

The Netherlands was one of the first nations in Europe to offer English-taught courses to international students. September and February are the two intake months in the Netherlands. Like many other nations, the primary intake is in September, and the secondary intake is the winter intake, which occurs in February. Students not accepted for the September intake typically apply to universities with February intakes.

Intakes in the United Kingdom:

The UK continues to rank among the top destinations for international students. Intakes peak in the UK between January and February and September and October. In the UK, the primary admission is in September, while the secondary intake is in January. For both, the application deadlines are in September and October.

Intakes in Ireland:

Ireland is one of many popular destinations in Europe and is a favorite among international students. Ireland has two seasons for intakes: spring (February) and fall (September). Fewer courses will be offered in Ireland for the spring admissions than for the fall intake.

Intakes in Spain:

In comparison to its European competitors, Spain has sometimes been ignored as a study-abroad destination despite having a wide range of courses offered at some of the most renowned universities in Europe. Spain’s primary intake begins in the month of October, while the secondary intake begins in the month of February, with an early December deadline.

University Courses Offered in Europe

Students can choose from a variety of courses at European universities. You have the opportunity to study a variety of topics here, including MBBS, law, BBA, nursing, dentistry, and more. You must read the information below if you want to learn more about the courses that the European university offers. The courses include:

  • MBBS program lasting six years.
  • 6-year MD course.
  • Here, you will have the opportunity to take a dentistry course.
  • There is the opportunity to study pharmacy for four years in Europe.
  • The candidates have had five years to choose from the dental curriculum.
  • You will have the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in international business law here for two years.
  • In two years, you can study administration at a European university.
  • Universities in Europe offer candidates four-year engineering bachelor’s degree programs.
  • For four years, you will have access to nursing courses.
  • veterinarian science.
  • civil research
  • Architecture.
  • computational science
  • environment research.
  • chemical research courses.

Requirements to study in Europe:

Eligibility Criteria for Study in Europe

The eligibility requirements were established by European universities. The qualifying requirements must be satisfactorily met by the candidates to be admitted.

  • The preferred candidates must be at least 17 years old.
  • If you wish to study here, your period should not be more than 25 years.
  • For the 12th-grade exam, applicants must receive at least 50% of the possible points.
  • You must succeed on the 10+2 test.
  • Candidates from the SC/ST/OBC categories must have received at least 45% of the total possible points.
  • You must have a student visa for Europe if you want to study here.
  • Few European colleges may require applicants to take an entrance exam before enrolling in their preferred courses.

European universities may require students to take a language proficiency test.

Even though some other universities don’t require entrance exams or language tests.

To pursue MBBS in Europe, you must take the NEET exam.

Required Documents For Study in Europe 2020-2021

Candidates must submit the required paperwork if they intend to pursue professional professions in this nation. You can look below to learn more if you’re interested.

The 10th and 12th-grade certificates must be submitted.

Mark sheets from the 10th and 12th grades are required.

Certificates of graduation from high school are required for submission.

You must receive a passing score on the IELTS test.

Additionally needed are recommendation letters.

The candidates must possess a student visa for Europe.

It is necessary to notarize the prior examination certificates.

To be admitted to universities in Europe, students must have a current passport.

To prove your age, you must produce your birth documents.

You must send the letter of confirmation that was provided by your university.

For proof of having no criminal history, the police must provide clearance certificates.

For the submission, medical records serving as proof of physical fitness are required.

To reserve a seat here, you must present passport-sized photos.

Admission Process for Study in Europe

    All universities in Europe have the same entry requirements. As a result, in order to be accepted into this nation, the targeted applicants must meticulously follow the admissions process.

    The application process for European universities is simple to follow.

    To study in this country, applicants must submit an online application.

    Filling out the online application form is the first step.

    You must provide all necessary documentation in the second step after completing the application.

    You will receive an invitation letter from your chosen university after the paperwork is completed.

    In order to obtain the permit, you must visit the relevant embassy in this phase.

    The students must then pay the fee for the courses you have selected.

    Once the tuition for the courses has been paid in full, you can submit a visa application.

    You will receive a student visa following the review of all of your documentation.

    You are now prepared to travel to Europe.

    You can now realise your dream of going to school in Europe.

Student visa requirements for studying in Europe

  • Application for a visa for the chosen nation.
  • Proof that you are of legal drinking age.
  • Genuine passport
  • Valid documentation from a university in Europe.
  • Documents and other proof that you have enough money to cover your expenses.
  • Airline tickets.
  • Proof that you have the necessary language skills.

So here are some of the top reasons for international students to study in Ireland. Next, let’s check a few FAQs about Ireland’s education.


Students are permitted to work for a set amount of hours each year in some European nations. But this can only be a part-time job, not a full-time one.
Following graduation, employment in Europe:

Graduates can find work options across Europe. After graduating, alumni typically need to apply for temporary residency or a work permit in order to continue living in the nation. Your NCC Global consultant can advise you throughout this procedure to help you better plan your academic and professional activities in Europe.

Job prospects in Europe


Did you realize that the European Union has 24 “official languages”? Although it may seem like a lot, there is more to it. Numerous additional languages are commonly used in Europe’s western and eastern nations.

Despite this diversity, English still dominates. No, not all of the world’s countries have it as their official language. But you must be fluent if you want to land a well-paying job in an English-speaking nation.

Although there is a high demand for English language teachers, you need to be more than just a fluent speaker. It is great if you are multilingual in Spanish, French, Russian, German, or another language widely spoken in Europe because it is a competitive field. Having two languages can only improve your chances of employment as an English teacher.

Although an advanced degree is not necessary for the position, it does call for some specific skills. It’s time to start the process if you’re considering teaching English in Europe. By obtaining your Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification, you can put yourself on the road to success.

Jobs in Computer Science for Digital Nomads in Europe

You have a decent chance of becoming employed anywhere in the globe if you have a degree in computer science. Jobs in information technology and software development are in high demand all over the world.

Germany is the center of engineering and innovation in Europe, making it a great place for ex-pats wishing to further their IT careers. If you have extensive degrees in technology and years of expertise, it is the ideal choice.

Jobs in computer technology are also perfect for those who desire to work from home. Many IT jobs give ex-pats in new countries the chance to work from home or virtually anywhere.

European Healthcare Careers for Expats

Excellent healthcare systems can be found in many European nations, making it simple to find jobs for physicians and nurses. European physicians have greater opportunities to give their patients the care they require than their American counterparts. They are not required to deal with the red tape associated with hospital systems and health insurance providers in many nations.

You may want to work through a placement agency to find the ideal job, depending on how long you intend to stay in Europe. Even greater benefits, including a car and short-term housing to get you through your first few weeks, can be had by going through an agency.

Engineering Jobs in Europe for Expats

Engineers are in demand, just like computer science specialists and healthcare professionals. You can secure employment in Europe with an engineering degree and experience, especially in major cities.

Some of the world’s top research facilities are located in Europe. There are several chances in fields ranging from chemical engineering to structural engineering.

The largest concentration of engineers in the EU may be found in Frankfurt, Germany. Check out Lyon if France is your preferred country. Over 125 engineering-related businesses can be found in Bilbao, a city that attracts foreigners who prefer Spain’s traditions and way of life.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Europe for International Citizens

This list’s professions call for many specialized abilities, particularly in the STEM fields. One of those jobs is something other than digital marketing.

While experience is required, your work ethic will determine if you become a great digital marketer. A less specialized set of skills than those needed to get started in IT, healthcare, or engineering can be used to enter the sector. To succeed in the field, you must be at the top of your game.

One of the benefits of working at a digital marketing agency in Europe is that you may frequently continue doing so in the United States or your native nation. Anyone wishing to live out their lives as a digital nomad will find success in digital marketing.

Why Choose NCC Global

You should seek advice from an overseas education to ensure a seamless study abroad experience. In this extremely competitive environment, you risk being rejected if you skip even one condition. So it is preferable to seek advice from firms like NCC Global that specialize in Singapore study visas. You can put your trust in us because we are among Chandigarh’s greatest consultants for international education.

Here is how we can help you:

  • Help you shortlist a few colleges and universities based on your preference
  • Our experts carry out the research for you and provide you with an outline for each of your choices regarding the scope of the curriculum, fees, ranking, application process, and job prospects upon completing the course from that institution.
  • Assists you in preparing for entrance exams and standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
  • Get you in contact with our past students studying in Singapore, who can share their experiences and guide you
  • Our counselors will guide you with updated rules and regulations for visa filing
  • Provide you with a checklist of required documents
  • Fill and compile all important forms and financial statements on time
  • Prepare you for the interview
  • Help you with your departure after getting your visa approved
  • Our proofreaders and editors also help analyze and better your Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation to make them top-notch.

As you can see, we offer comprehensive student assistance. We are Singapore’s top study abroad advisors. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We are the best in town if you’re seeking overseas education consultants in Chandigarh. Better not take any chances and schedule an appointment with us right away!

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