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Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Offering affordable, high-quality education aided by a second-to-none quality of life, Canada continues to be the top choice for students wishing to pursue an international degree. An estimated 2,00,000 Indian students were granted Canadian study permits the previous year, and the number keeps increasing every year, especially after the pandemic. Read on to know more about Canada as a study abroad destination and why it would be the perfect place to kickstart or further your educational journey.


Canada is a widely spread country and has a rich history in education. It is home to several prestigious universities, like:

Top 1: the University of Toronto (Global rank:16th)

Top 2: University of British Columbia (Global rank: 35th)

Top 3: McGill University

Top 4: McMaster University

Top 5: University of Alberta

If you are looking to pursue an undergraduate degree, the country offers a lot of options to fit your needs:

Bachelor’s degree: it is usually a three to four years degree varying from different courses and universities.

Bachelor’s degree with Hons: it includes an additional year of studying in your preferred choice of course in order to attain the highest level of knowledge in that field.

Diploma/ Certificate programs: This could be your choice if you do not wish to invest in a 4-year degree, but still wish to gain professional knowledge in the field of your choice. These programs are generally 2 years long.

Advanced diploma: if you have one particular profession in mind, you can pursue an advanced diploma, and sharpen just the skills you need for that dream job/ business of yours.

Following are some prominent degrees offered in the country:

1. Business studies and finance

2. IT/ Computer science

3. Hotel Management

4. Medicine

5. Economics

6. Journalism

7. Nursing

Studying in Canada is extremely fruitful if you wish to pursue a course in hospitality, healthcare and medicine, IT, engineering, business management, and nursing. But don’t worry if you have not figured out your course. We at NCC Global are college equipped with the right set of career counselors and tools to help you choose your course. We hold an experience of __+ years having helped more than __ students to carve out a career path for them right from scratch. We make use of counseling and career assessment tests to determine the right course to fulfill your dreams.

If you are looking to pursue a Postgraduate degree in the country

You have the option of pursuing an MA, an MBA, an MSc, an MFA, an MEng. These degrees are generally of a 1- or 2-years duration.

One more interesting form of degree offered by Canadian colleges are: Co-operative education programs. These help students gain paid work experience in the field of their interest. Such courses are offered for nearly all fields of study.

Our institution helps you to find such courses for you and apply for them too.

  • Research: our experts carry out the research for you and provide you with an outline for each of your choices regarding the scope of the curriculum, fees, ranking, application process, and job prospects upon completing the course from that institution.
  • Application process: our institution also assists you in preparing for entrance exams, and standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc. Our proofreaders and editors also help analyze and better your Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendations to make them top-notch.

Why study in Canada:

A world-class education system

Study in Canada and you will find that the country has a lot of opportunities to offer to enrich your academic qualifications. The academic system is built to cater to every need of yours. If you are looking to pursue a degree, be it an undergraduate degree or a master’s degree, or if you plan to pursue a short-term diploma or postgraduate diploma, the country has a wide range of universities, colleges, and courses to offer.

Holistic Learning

What sets Canadian colleges and universities apart is their emphasis on the holistic development of students. The course curriculum in every course is inclusive of practical project work, internships, industry work, etc., along with classroom learning to shape the students’ minds with overall development. Apart from this, students are also motivated to participate in extracurricular activities to develop and sharpen their core skills, which come in very handy in the future.

NCC Global is a step ahead to provide our students an edge over others. Along with career counseling and study abroad consultation for Canada, we prepare our students to develop skills. Through our rigorous career assessment tests, we identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and help them strengthen both. Our institution also follows a holistic approach to helping students.

A welcoming and friendly atmosphere

Choosing Canada will prove to be the right choice in this case. Numerous Indian students have gone to study in Canada, and you will find some support in every nook and corner. The government is also very supportive of international students. It provides both health care and financial support to students moving to the country.


After the pandemic, Canada offered study permits to more than 4,00,000 students, including students from China, Vietnam, France, and Iran, among many others. This offers a huge cultural diversity for the students to be a part of.

Scholarships and financial aid:

All the universities and colleges also have a lot of provisions for scholarships. Deserving students are awarded exemptions from tuition as well as living expenses.

Attain financial independence!

Now, who here doesn’t want to earn money and stand on their own two feet? If you choose to study in Canada, you will get the opportunity to work part-time while pursuing your degree. You can work for about 20 hours per week on or off campus. During breaks, you can work up to 40 hours per week. This is something you MUST take advantage of if you choose to study in Canada.

Easier immigration opportunities:

The country of Canada is looking for international aspirants to come and become permanent residents of their country. It is by far easier to obtain Canadian permanent residency as compared to other countries as the government there is actively seeking talented individuals to help boost their economy.

However, for a smooth visa process, you should take guidance from an abroad education consultant. A lot is to be taken care of, so better leave it to experts who have been doing it for years. We are the best study abroad consultants for Canada. Our counselors will guide you with updated rules and regulations for visa filing; provide you with a checklist of required documents; fill and compile all important forms and financial statements on time and prepare you for the interview too.

How NCC Global can help you?

All this information together might seem intimidating. We understand. There are a lot of minute details that go into filling a visa and missing one of them can have serious consequences. And trust us, your visa getting rejected hits hard after toiling to get into your dream university. So better not take any risks and book a consultation call with us now! NCC Global offers study visa consultations for Canada. Right from applying to a university to helping you with your departure after getting your visa approved, we will be at your service! We are one of the best overseas education consultants in Chandigarh, so rest assured, you can put your faith in us!

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