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We all are aware of the fact that studying abroad is a dream for every Indian student who aspires of doing great things in life. And also one needs the proper assistance of “exactly how” to study in foreign countries. To be more clear, many students lack assistance, in the sense which country to choose?, which college to study in?, which combination to opt for? And many such basic and common questions which tricks the mind of students. Today, education systems have evolved immensely, in different countries differently and this also is the case with Netherlands, which is known for its three-tier education system in higher studies that is, MBO, HBO and WO.


Netherlands is best known for its varied courses which are provided by the different universities and colleges in Netherlands which are University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Leiden University, University of Groningen and many more.

  • University of Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam provides with different courses of management, engineering, sciences and many more. It is mainly known for its public research courses. This University provides with courses such as Actuarial Science, Ancient Studies, Archaeology, Business Administration and many more.
  • Utrecht University: Like University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University is known for Studies in Research. It is also admired for alumni who are scholars and well-versed in their field of profession.
  • Leiden University: This University is popular for its broad space for exploration for students especially for international students. The social environment is student friendly and this provides with emotional and moral support to the student.


The Universities in Netherlands are open for students during two months in a year, namely, the first in-take happens during the month of September and the second in-take is conducted in the month of February. The September in-take is more student-friendly especially to the international students who aspire of getting into the top colleges of Netherlands. The in-take in the month of September is the main in-take which happens in Netherlands, but the second in-take or the winter in-take is conducted for the students who have missed the whole procedure of admissions, as other country’s follow different pattern of academic year. This is what makes studying in abroad different from studying in India. They are also completely student-friendly, because in Netherlands they are providing students with two opportunities to get into Universities and colleges. The deadline for applying in colleges and universities is 1st of April for autumn in-take. The deadline for admissions in the winter in-take is 15th of October. After applying, the universities and colleges in Netherlands hear back within four to six weeks. An academic year consists of two semesters, like we have in India. The duration of under-graduation and post-graduation is same as in India, three years for under-graduation, which will result in gaining a bachelor’s degree and 1 or 2 years for post-graduation, leading to gaining a master’s degree.


The first question that strikes into the minds of students for studying abroad is the question of “what documents are required for a student visa”. And we have the answer below:

1. Passport that is valid.

2. A form of application which is being completed.

3. Academic-related documents like scorecards which are the ultimate proof for completion of secondary and pre-university level education.

4. Proof of financial assets that support the students education (financially), which gives an assurance that the student will be able to afford his/her education and living costs.

5. Two passport size photographs

6. A complete study plan stating the previous education of the student.

7. Birth Certificate

8. Travel insurance policy document

9. Medical insurance policy document

10. Document of acceptance from any University or college.

11. Proof that the student has paid the visa application fees.


There are varied courses offered by universities and colleges in Netherlands. It can vary from science in one university/college to humanities in the other university/college. Some universities like University of Amsterdam provide with courses like, social and behavioural science, management courses, law, humanities, medical science and dentistry, politics, psychology, law and economics-PPLE. There are other courses as well that are offered in this college. Other colleges like Leiden University provides with courses like, Bachelors in Archaeology, Bachelor of African Studies, Bachelors of Art history, Bachelor of Astronomy, Bachelor of Bioinformatics and many more courses. This varied and broad structure of courses offers a student with variety of options which helps them to choose what they want rather than forcing them to study a particular course. Some universities also provide with courses like Sports Management, Law, Fashion, Philosophy, humanities in different varied subjects and varied courses of businesses and management studies. This itself gives out a reason for a student to study in a country like Netherlands.


Netherlands is a European country which is informally known as Holland. Netherlands consists of twelve provinces and the language popularly spoken here and officially accepted is Dutch. It shares its geographical borders with Belgium and Germany. It is also ranked first for material reuse rate. This country has successfully achieved the first rank in waste management as well. It has been successfully ranked second for sustainable food system. This country is also working towards overall development of the country and establishing a trademark for the rest of the world to follow through it. This country will provide an individual with three-tier education system of which the details are stated below:

  • MBO (middle-level education): The education that is provided to a student right after the basic education, ( that is 10th grade in India) is called MBO in Netherlands. This course provides a foundation for the student to choose a professional course in higher studies.
  • HBO (professional education): The education provided to a student right after the successful completion of MBO is called HBO. This education level gives the student with the necessary knowledge and skills for future job opportunities. It is this level of education that decides the field in which the student aspires to get in and form a strong career for themselves.
  • WO (scientific studies): The study of scientific courses is called WO in Netherlands. The courses supporting WO are granted by Technical Universities, Research Institutions and in colleges that provide PhD studies.

Not only this, Netherlands is also a country with intellects which will provide the student with a good environment to study in. Also Netherlands is a country with an admirable social and geographical places, which provide a student with recreational location to visit in during the college/ university days. This will help students to study and parallelly enjoy the student life and remember Netherlands in a positive manner. This country has highly talented and educated professors who will provide with the necessary education that a student expects from a foreign country’s education system. This country is also known for its vast, multi-dimensional course offered which will evolve a student to be a skilled professional years and simultaneously, succeed in life with a good name and fame. This high quality Dutch education will also provide a student with high English-speaking skills as this country is among the countries with high English speaking population.


NCC Global is the most-trusted visa-consultancy company in Chandigarh. Which provides with a complete guidance for applying for visa. NCC Global is a student-friendly consultancy company which guides the students in a simple and easy way which is convenient for the students to understand better. Not only visa, they also train students for international examinations like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, PTE,TOEFL, SAT,CELPIP and French and English coaching. They will guide a student from the initial stage to the final stage for studying abroad. And this makes them stand out from the crowd. They will provide with the following services:

1. They will prepare a student with coaching for international examinations like GRE,GMAT etc.

2. They will guide a student with visa consultancy and they have the most-trusted team of professionals in Chandigarh.

3. They will provide a student with the best career counselling which is also free of cost and will help a student choose the best career path.

4. They will play the role of a mentor from the beginning till the end of college application process and getting a University application.

5. They will avail a 100% of guarantee in getting scholarship in the University the student gets in

6. They will also provide the student with a choice of 25 countries from which a student can choose and create a strong career path.

7. NCC Global also provides with a complete guidance for the whole process of departure.

8. They will book your foreign tickets with great convenience

9. They also provide with Forex (foreign currency exchange) processes which will help in convenient bank transactions.

10. They also help out a student with financial assistance by providing loans to them and creating a economic friendly relation between the university and the student

Now, what is holding you back from consulting NCC Global for getting education from Netherlands? The guidance provided by NCC Global is such that students will always remember the services granted. Now, it’s your turn to dream high in life and make a decision to study abroad.

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