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Scholarship Guidance

Scholarship Guidance

Do you have fewer funds to enrol on a course in a study abroad university? Do you believe that loans can actually increase your financial liability? If yes, then how about looking for amazing international/Indian scholarships for your education abroad? Scholarships are grants or payments made to support an international student’s education. These non-repayable financial awards are of various types like:

  • Need-Based Scholarships
  • Merit-Based Scholarships
  • NMSQT/PSAT: The Test Scholarships
  • Scholarship for Students Interested in Music
  • Athletics-Based Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Females in STEM Universities/Programs
  • Funding for Out-of-State Students, etc.

There are hundreds and thousands of scholarship options available for sponsoring study abroad education globally. But with so many options, it becomes difficult to find the ones that suit your interests, academics, and co-curricular. This is why NCC Global introduces its scholarship services. Our counsellors will understand your interest in education and the university where you are selected to help you get a scholarship that benefits you the most. Moreover, we conduct in-depth research on the numerous scholarship options before providing you with a few names. With NCC Global’s scholarship assistance services, students enjoy the following perks:

  • Safeguard Career Goals: When students pay extensive fees to enrol themselves in reputed abroad institutes, they join with the aim of dedicating all their effort and time to gaining academic success. However, a recent report by the U.S Department of Commerce shows a 75 % increase in international students’ part-time jobs in addition to completing their courses.

    Ironically, their dream of a better future is jeopardised/sacrificed when their energies are channelled into earning money through part-time or full-time jobs to pay off loans, after which academics take a back seat. As a result, most international students are unable to do justice to the course. But NCC Global ensures that all academically gifted students do not have to focus their energies on repaying loan amounts and rather focus on the course curriculum.

    We ensure that study abroad scholarships become superpowers for international students. Student-specific full scholarships for international studies and other international student grants are financial aids provided by universities that allow their students to carry out their academic sessions without the pressure of paying or repaying any cost. This allows students to perform efficiently in academics and even take part in opportunities offered by college clubs and associations. This will further develop their personality and prepare them for their career aspirations.

  • Capitalise Academic Success: Do the brightest students need to pay a cost to educate themselves further? The answer to this question is twofold – one, all universities want a cohort of high-quality students that can sustain the institute’s reputation every year. And second, these institutes are ready to bear the costs of high-performing students to maintain their reputation.

    In other words, universities abroad allow a bunch of talented and smart Indian students to study in their institute/university/college for free. Another name for this provision (scholarships) is bursary. Student-specific scholarships such as Merit-based Scholarships for international studies are specifically for those candidates that demonstrate outstanding academic/extracurricular performance and are seeking to study abroad.

    NCC Global helps the students harness the opportunity of these international student grants by cracking international scholarship exams conducted seasonally by universities or by participating in the statement of purpose (SOPs) essay competitions held by the institutes. NCC Global helps its students prepare for all the requirements of a scholarship exam efficiently.

  • Gain Financial Soundness: While education is a right for each student, higher education in international countries is most definitely a privilege. The aspirations of Indian students who wish to study further are often hindered due to the high financial requirements and exorbitant fees in abroad universities. To become inclusive of students from all sections of society, most of the full scholarships for international students are also need-based.

    Need-based study abroad scholarships are for those aspiring candidates/students who wish to study abroad but do not have the ability to bear complete financial requirements. In these cases, proof of financial documents and the economic conditions of the family are to be documented for consideration. NCC Global’s scholarship assistance service ensures that all your documents are submitted to the scholarship organisations without a miss. Also, we try to share the applications before deadlines as most of the scholarships are granted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Have an Updated CV/Resume: It is not a secret that well-reputed educational institutes offer bursaries to bright/talented students who have the potential/knowledge/IQ to perform well in academics. As a result, one considers scholarships as an achievement, in addition to being strong financial aid. Potential employers are often searching for candidates that have demonstrated credibility in their past endeavours. Therefore, bursaries and scholarships for international students, reflected in resumes/CVs, are additional evidence of a student’s attitude toward academics and work. NCC Global ensures that all academically sound students get the opportunity to build their profile with the addition of amazing scholarships.

How will NCC Global help you initiate and accomplish the scholarship application process?

  • We will search for various scholarship options that you are eligible to
  • We will help you prepare for the application process and fill out the application form before the deadline.
  • Will follow the university/scholarship directors for further results/guidance.
  • As you will be applying for 5-6 scholarships, we will help you stay organised.
  • Check for the scholarship results and inform you of the status timely.

Some scholarships require certain examination scores; we will guide you in preparing for the exams. You can even join our preparation classes to ace your score cutoff. Moreover, we will ensure that you are fully aware of your tuition fee, the scholarship amount, the ways to cover the balance, and methods to reapply for scholarships in a different/mid term.

NCC Global is proud of its other study abroad services as well, like IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/SAT/ACT/PTE exam coaching for preparation, visa assistance, career counseling, university application, pre-departure guidance, travel assistance, financial loans, forex services, etc. Besides, our counselors will guide you multiple times throughout your study abroad journey. So connect with NCC Globals counselors today and take expert guidance.

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