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Job Opportunities in New Zealand

Job opportunities in New Zealand

New Zealand is considered the safest country for education and employment. Moreover, the career and job opportunities provided by New Zealand to international students make it their ultimate choice for work.

There are various places where international students can find jobs in New Zealand. Apart from the private sector, you can find jobs in the public sector also. There are several New Zealand government official sites where international students can easily find jobs.

Since December 2021 there is a high demand for jobs in New Zealand. This is because the percentage of students visiting New Zealand for higher education has increased three-fold and there are several reasons for it. New Zealand has always been the top priority of Indian students when it comes to choosing a destination for higher education.

High Demand Jobs for Students in New Zealand

There are various industries in New Zealand where there are unlimited job opportunities and will be increasing in the future also. These industries employ both local and international students:

Professional Services

Professional services include job roles like engineers, accountants, recruitment consultants, solicitors, architects, surveyors and property professionals, financial advisors, and many more. All these professional services require a specific degree and skill set.

Information Communications Technology (ICT) Sector

Information technology is one of the most popular industries where you can get jobs for the post of SQL server developers, engineers, front-end web developers, and project managers.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry, as the name suggests, deals with the mechanical aspect of things. In this industry, you can expect to work with diesel mechanics, commercial mechanics, vehicle drivers to heavy goods vehicles, and infrastructure managers.

Construction Industry

Constructive industry deals with the work related to the construction of different structures. You can expect to get a job here as a builder, ceiling fixer, heavy diesel technician, joiner, carpenter, scaffolder, and road/infrastructure project manager.

Top Job Opportunities in New Zealand

New Zealand is a developing country thus there are a lot of exciting job opportunities in New Zealand for students. Moreover, there is a shortage of skilled people thus highly skilled individuals can easily find jobs in New Zealand. There are various sectors where skilled employees are required. Here is the list of sectors where you can find jobs if you have the skills:

Engineering Sector

The engineering sector is developing at a faster pace all across the globe and New Zealand is no exception. Here are a few of the job positions which require skilled engineering graduates:

Software Engineer

A software engineer is the most popular job profile which is high in demand in New Zealand. You don’t need any additional degree to work as a software engineer in New Zealand. All you need is specialization in software engineering or computer-related subjects.

Civil Engineer

New Zealand is a fast-growing economy thus the country is working to develop industrial and residential infrastructure. To fulfill this rising demand civil engineers are in high demand. Students just need to have a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering to qualify for this job.

Software Architect

Software architects are the professionals required in the IT sector. This is a more specialized field and thus more and more skilled individuals are needed for this role. If you have the necessary skills then you can easily find a job for this profile in New Zealand.


The Corona pandemic has made all of us realize the importance of medical professionals. Being a developing country New Zealand needs more medical professionals thus finding jobs here won’t be difficult. You can consult the study abroad consultants in Chandigarh to help in finding the best medical course in New Zealand.
Here are the positions which are open for international students in the medical industry:

Medical Doctor

Medical doctors are highly needed in New Zealand because to become a medical doctor in New Zealand you need to study for 11 years.


New Zealand doesn’t have enough physiotherapists as needed. Physiotherapists are needed to ensure and maintain the health of people dealing with disabilities and muscular issues. A bachelor’s degree of 4 years is required to get a job as a physiotherapist in New Zealand.


There are only a few students in New Zealand who choose to opt for nursing as a career thus the demand for nurses and midwives is quite high. The present employees in this domain are getting retired and old thus substitutes are needed. You can easily find jobs in this sector.

Commerce and Finance

For a developing country, it is important to have a developed finance sector. Thus job opportunities are endless in this sector.


Accountants are the top position required for both profit and non-profit organizations. These are the people who maintain and update the account books. There are not many skilled professionals in New Zealand who can do this job, thus it is very easy to find jobs in this industry.

Finance Analyst

Finance analysts are the people who analyze the financial situation of the firms and market, and help the client make the best financial and investment decision. Thus being a developing country you can find a multitude of job opportunities in the financial domain and as a finance analyst.

Professional Courses

Certain professional courses can get you jobs in New Zealand.


Teaching is one of the noblest professions after medicine and thus there is immense scope for a person to find jobs in this sector. Students can find jobs in the academic sector after completing their Bachelor’s course. You can consult the study abroad consultants in Chandigarh to help in finding the best teaching course in New Zealand.

Other Professions

Apart from the specialized profession, certain jobs are in high demand in New Zealand. Here is the list of them:


New Zealand is currently working on developing its industries and residential infrastructure thus to complement the civil engineer builders are also needed for the construction work. It is not mandatory to have any specific degree or formal education to get a job as a builder in New Zealand.


New Zealand is facing a crunch in electricians who can help in giving electrical assistance. Thus making it one of the best job positions for Indians in New Zealand. Students pursuing graduation in electrical engineering or a diploma can easily get jobs in this industry.

How To Get a Job in New Zealand?

If you are visiting New Zealand for a job then make sure to find a job beforehand because an employment letter would be needed to get the Visa. You can hunt for jobs on the online job portals. You will be required to submit your resume and cover letter to apply for the job. There is a different criterion for writing a CV for jobs in New Zealand. Rather than previous experiences, talent, skills, and how you have used them will be required to be mentioned on the CV for selection. Once your CV gets selected you will have to get through the phone interview and then the face-to-face interview is conducted. Make sure you are all prepared with your documents and stuff for the interview.

What it’s Like to Work in New Zealand?

Every country follows a different work structure and New Zealand is no exception. In New Zealand average working hours range between 37 and 40 hours per week for 5 days. The minimum wage you can expect is 17.70 dollars per hour. Employees are entitled to get four weeks of annual vacation and ten public holidays in New Zealand. Thus ensuring excellent work-life balance. Our best study abroad consultants in Chandigarh will let you know about the work environment of New Zealand for students.

Legal Requirements for Working in New Zealand

New Zealand has its own rules and regulations for foreign working immigrants which you have to abide by. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind if you want to work in New Zealand:

  • You must have the right work Visa to work in New Zealand. Multiple work Visas are prevalent in New Zealand. You will get your skills, job profile, age, work permanency, and many other factors. Our New Zealand Visa Consultants will help you in getting the required Visa.
  • As an international student, you need to carry your job qualifications and employer’s offer letter.
  • You also need to have a minimum balance in your bank account all the time for sustenance.

Wrap up-

Job opportunities for students and skilled professionals are endless in New Zealand. All you need is the zeal to dive into the job market and prove your medal. After completing your study in New Zealand you can get multiple job opportunities as an international student.

Why Choose NCC Global?

No matter whether you are planning to take admission or looking for job opportunities in New Zealand we at NCC global will help at every step. Finding employment in foreign countries is often difficult, especially for students. Thus to make things easier for you NCC Global offers a range of services.

NCC global is one of the best study-abroad consultants in Chandigarh. It will guide you at every step from the admission procedure to the Visa application.

Here is the list of services you can expect at NCC global:

  • We will help you in finding the right university based on your academic profile.
  • You will get career guidance from our study abroad consultants in Chandigarh.
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  • We provide the best study material for exams like PTE, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS and CELPIP.
  • We will update you with every new rule and regulation related to admission and Visa documentation once you choose us for your service.
  • Our experts will guide you in the documentation process of the Visa application and help you in preparing for your Visa interview as well.

There are many more services you can avail of at NCC global. We are a one-stop solution for all your foreign education needs. Our consultants are trained and have years of experience in this field. So if you are looking for guidance, then visit us for study abroad services.

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