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Resume Writing

Resume Writing

A resume or CV is one of the most crucial requirements for admission to top international universities and for recruiters to provide a job opportunity. It usually goes hand in hand with the letter of recommendation through which the admissions committee evaluates a candidate’s professional and academic background. So if you want to vouch for that seat for a particular course in your dream university or wish to get an international job, have an impressive resume/CV. But what if you don’t know how to prepare one? NCC Global counselors are here; we will draft an impressive resume that will help you build a robust career.

But before understanding NCC Global counselor’s approach while designing a resume, let’s understand why admissions committees and recruiters ask for one.

Advantages of a Resume

  • A resume lists an individual’s applicable experience and skills in the past. The recruiters determine a candidate’s capability to fulfil responsibilities/ duties, whereas an admissions committee explores a student’s career goals and determination to pursue a particular course. For example, many MBA courses abroad require a work experience of 3-4 years. To depict your career chart and role in the job in a succinct manner, a resume/ CV is a unique way.
  • It showcases the benefits an employee can provide to the company. What better way to depict your abilities than with an example? If you have contributed towards the betterment of your previous organisation in any manner, like helping towards the growth of revenue, team handling, client handling, etc, showcase it in your resume. Further, depict your achievements and abilities to handle a project/task.
  • A well-made resume aligns your talent with the requirement of employers/ universities. It explains your achievements, projects, skills, expertise, awards, etc. It helps the recruiters and admissions committee understand your personality as an individual. It can further lead to your selection if your values coincide with the company/universities vision.
  • It helps brand yourself in the professional/ academic world. It conveys that you are ready to either begin a particular job in an organisation or a course at a reputed university.
  • It reciprocates your career so that the evaluator can take a glimpse of your future aspirations without meeting you individually. Therefore, use your resume to discuss your projects, internships, industrial visits, etc.

How to Create a Resume

With so many pointers in mind, creating a resume that reflects each pointer without exaggeration can become intimidating. This is where NCC Global’s well-qualified counselors enter. We ensure to draft an impeccable resume for your education or professional journey. Let’s check a few parameters on how we do it—our expert’s take!

  • NCC Global requires your personal information, education qualifications, work history, information about the job/course you are interested in, skills, etc.
  • We examine some industry examples related to your profile, requirements, university in the case of international education, work visa, etc.
  • We ensure that your resume stands out visually by using fonts like Ariel, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc.
  • We will help you keep your resume concise even after including all critical information like work experience, skills, qualifications, achievements, etc.
  • We emphasise your traits and personality through the resume/CV, which will further help you achieve an edge over the crowd.
  • We ensure the use of active language to avoid unnecessary words. This practice will keep the information crisp and appeal to the hiring manager/ admission evaluator, who must go through thousands of resumes daily.
  • We maintain grammatical accuracy, typographical errors, and tonality based on a resume/ CV purpose.

Now you know all the perks of our Resume/CV writing services. Our counselors will ensure that your resume stands out from the other applicants. However, you will have to share all the essential information like personal information, educational information, previous company names, roles and responsibilities, courses, etc.

Why Choose NCC Global for Resume Writing Services

You can connect with NCC Global’s counselors for a detailed take on all these pointers. Rest assured, our counselors are well trained, have immense experience, and deal with hundreds of people every month who wish to get an actionable resume designed. Besides, they keep themselves updated about the requirements of the work/ academic sector.

In addition to the Spoken English services, NCC Global is pleased to share its other study abroad offerings as well, like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, ACT, and PTE exam coaching batches for preparation, visa assistance facilities, pre-departure guidance, spoken English classes, career counselling sessions, university application guidance, university/course selection guidance, financial loan/scholarship procurement, forex services, and more. We also help students learn the french language through the guidance of our experienced faculty.

NCC Global is among the best study abroad consultants in Chandigarh. To date, we have mentored more than 10,000 students, serviced 2500+ study abroad students/professionals to get their visa stamped and fly to study/work abroad, have international partnerships and tie-ups with more than 800 universities, b-schools, & colleges, and facilitated students in 15+ countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, etc, for higher education.

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