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GRE Coaching in Chandigarh

Your plan to the top universities and b-schools abroad can not be fulfilled without a Graduate Record Examination or GRE. Even though many universities have started enrolling students without GRE exams, still having an impeccable GRE score can build your admission profile leaps and bounds. GRE test is usually of two types GRE General and GRE subject test. However, in this article, we will discuss the GRE General test. Let’s go through various insights.

What is GRE?

The Graduate Record Examinations/GRE is a standardised test that is part of the admissions requirement for multiple graduate schools in the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, and a few other countries. The GRE is owned/ administered by ETS or Educational Testing Service. Following are the perks of giving the GRE:

  • helps provide holistic admissions
  • support universities/institutions’ efforts to identify all the applicants that are academically prepared for graduate-level study abroad
  • provide a common, objective measure for all the universities/programs to fairly compare applicants from different educational, cultural, etc, backgrounds.

What is the GRE Exam Format?

GRE exam includes 3 sections: verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Let’s understand their content.

1. Verbal Reasoning

This section measures a student’s ability to:

  • analyse and draw conclusions from the given discourse, reason from the asked incomplete data, identify the speaker’s assumptions/ perspective, and understand distinct levels of meaning, such as literal, figurative, and speaker’s intent.
  • select important points in the content, distinguish the major pointers from minor or irrelevant ones, summarise the text, and understand the structure of the given text.
  • understand the meaning of particular words, sentences, or entire texts along with relationships among words and concepts.

2. Quantitative Reasoning

This section measures a student’s ability to:

  • understand, interpret, and analyse the given quantitative questions.
  • solve the asked problems using mathematical formulas/models.
  • apply basic calculation skills/knowledge and elementary concepts, such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

3. Analytical Writing

This section measures a student’s ability to:

  • articulate the intricate ideas clearly, effectively, and efficiently
  • support their ideas/views with relevant reasons/examples
  • maintain a well-focused and coherent discussion
  • control the elements of standard written English like grammar, spelling, etc.

Next, let’s explore the test pattern. You can enrol on the best GRE coaching in Chandigarh to get practice tests and get a hold of the GRE pattern.

What is the GRE Pattern?

A GRE exam is for a duration of 3 hours and 45 minutes with a 10-minute break following the third/last section of the test. Following are the number of questions in each section with the time limit.

  • Analytical Writing: It has two separately timed tasks which need to be completed in 30-minute per task.
  • Verbal Reasoning: It has 20 questions per section, with 2 sections with 30 minutes per section for completion.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: It has 20 questions per section, with 2 sections with 35 minutes per section for completion.

Next, let’s explore the GRE registration process. You can get detailed information or guidance on GRE registration by enrolling in the best GRE coaching in sector 17 Chandigarh.

How to Register for the GRE exam?

Many times, the students can get confused while registering for the GRE test due to a lot of information on a single page on the official application website. But worry not! Follow these easy steps for GRE application.

  • Visit the ETS Official Website
  • Create a GRE test-taker profile/account.
  • Submit your GRE application form after filling it out properly.
  • Select your GRE test date for 2022/2023 and the GRE test centre.
  • Make a payment of the GRE registration form fee of US $213/ INR 15,857.
  • Confirm the information and submit your GRE application.
  • Take a printout or save your GRE submission details for future reference.

The examination for GRE 2022 is on September 19 and October 31.

Next, let’s explore the steps to begin your GRE exam preparation. For this, you can follow the given steps along with booking a seat in the best GRE coaching centres in Chandigarh.

Tips to Prepare for GRE Exam

Preparation for the GRE test will depend on the available time and your personal preferences for how to prepare. Before you take the GRE test, you should be aware of what to expect from the test, including the administrative procedures, variety of questions and directions, the approximate number of questions, and the time to be spent on each section.

However, enrolling on NCC Global, the top GRE coaching in Chandigarh, can benefit you more in this case. Let’s explore the tips now!

1. Tips for Before test day

Following are the tips that a student can follow before the GRE test day.

  • Download the Bulletin
    The administrative procedures of the GRE include registration and appointment scheduling of the test date, time, test centre location, cost, score-reporting procedures, and availability of special testing arrangements.
  • Familiarise yourself with GRE test content
    Before taking the GRE test, it is paramount to become familiar with the content of each section, including the required study material on which you’ll be tested and the various question types.

2. Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning test-taking strategies

Following are the strategies to be followed for verbal and quantitative reasoning test taking.

  • Understand the response required
    The questions asked in the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections have a variety of formats, including:
    1. the single answer choice
    2. one or more answer choices
    3. numeric answer typeEnsure to answer the questions correctly.
  • Use the mark and review feature
    When taking the GRE test, a candidate can skip questions they might have difficulty answering. The testing software allows them to use the “mark and review” feature to mark questions that they would like to revisit during the assigned time to work on that section. This also helps them view a complete list of all the questions in the section on which they are working, so they see the answered questions and those left for review. It also shows the review questions they have already answered and changed the answers for, provided they have the remaining time to work on the section.
  • Answer every question
    Your Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning section’s scores are determined by the number of questions you have answered correctly. Note that nothing is subtracted from your score for incorrect answers. Therefore, to improve the scores, it’s better to answer all the questions.
  • Pay attention to time
    It is advised to work as rapidly as you can without being careless. As no question carries greater weight than any other (all have the same level of difficulty.) Don’t waste time pondering individual questions that you find extremely difficult or unknown.
  • Familiarise yourself with the testing experienceEnrol for the GRE coaching in Chandigarh and experience simulated test-taking to become familiar with the testing software and test design.

3. Analytical Writing test-taking strategies

The AWA section can make a major difference in your scores on GRE. Therefore, improve it by following these tips:

  • Pay attention to time
    Candidates need to budget their time throughout the GRE test. Within the 30-minute time limit for each given task, they will have to think about the issue, plan an impressive response, and compose an essay. Although GRE evaluators understand the time constraints under which a candidate writes and will consider the response as the first draft. But you should still produce the best example for your writing test.
  • Review what you write for errors
    A candidate must save a few minutes at the end of the writing task to check for obvious errors like grammatical incorrectness/spelling mistakes. Although an occasional typographical error won’t affect your score; however, severe and persistent errors will distract you from the overall effectiveness of your writing and lower your final score.

4. Use your scratch paper

Do not panic if you get the urge to scribble while taking a GRE test. You will receive scratch papers from the test centre before you begin the GRE test. Also, if you need more during the test, tell the test administrator.

5. Don’t take unscheduled breaks

All candidates get a 10-minute break following the third section in the final GRE test and a one-minute break in between the other test sections. You might want to utilise this time to ask for the additional scratch paper during each scheduled break. However, the section timing won’t stop if you take an unscheduled break, so you should proceed with your questions without interruption once it begins.

Why Choose NCC Global For Your GRE Preparation

Now you know the tips to improve your GRE scores. However, connect with NCC Global counselors, if you want a detailed preparation plan to secure an impressive GRE score. Also, you can connect with us to take guidance on other aspects of a study abroad journey like the selection of university/course, preparation of exams like IELTS/TOEFL, application for a student visa, and preparation of documents like SOPs and resume writing.

Students can also choose combination of courses with GRE depending upon their choice of country. These courses are:

IELTS coaching in Chandigarh
TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh

Apart from this, we also have courses like GMAT, SAT, PTE, CELPIP and others for study abroad. We have certified trainers for each domain who will guide you throughout your journey. You just have to connect with us to begin!

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