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PTE Coaching in Chandigarh

Studying abroad is a dream for many aspiring students today as it allows them to get immense exposure to the world. The first step towards this goal is to take an English proficiency test, and one such exam is the PTE Academic or Pearson Test of English Academic. This 100% computer-delivered exam can be used to access the candidate’s language level. One can take the first step towards their journey with one of the best coaching institutes in Chandigarh – NCC Global.

Pearson Test of English Academic is a globally recognized exam that can be used as proof of English proficiency when applying for academic purposes. This exam is accepted by more than 3,000 institutions worldwide, including prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School and Oxford University. Moreover, the results from this exam are also accepted for immigrant visa purposes by the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

We at NCC Global help students understand the pattern, take the test, and pass the PTE exam with flying colors with the guidance of experienced trainers, an up-to-date course curriculum, and an AI-assisted practice platform to best prepare them for the final test.

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Demand for PTE Coaching in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, known as “The City Beautiful,” is renowned for its exquisite architecture, cleanliness, and greenery, as well as for the high caliber of education it offers. The city’s geographic and administrative position makes it the greatest option for students wishing to study for tests connected to any educational discipline. This has increased the need for credible coaching centers in the city to assist aspirants in realizing their dreams. The institution’s vow to offer the students the best coaching to attain their desired objectives is demonstrated by the consistent and excellent performance of NCC Global’s pupils. The qualities of the organization are stated below, making us the top coaching facility in Chandigarh.

Overview of PTE Coaching at NCC Global

NCC Global is situated at a very accessible location in the heart of the City Beautiful, Chandigarh which helps the students easily commute to the institute for their preparation. Students of not only Chandigarh but also Panchkula and Mohali can join the institute for their preparation for the PTE exam. The institute’s knowledgeable instructors are well-versed in the abilities needed to achieve well in the competitive exam. To get the grade they want, the trainers make sure the course is tailored to the needs of the pupils. The mentors at the NCC Global assist the students while they study, helping them identify their areas of strength and weakness so they are well-prepared for the final exam. Since this exam is a computer-delivered exam, the students have access to a computer lab to give them a realistic experience of their preparation level and progress. In addition to diligent study, the PTE Academic exam necessitates thorough strategic planning. The academic overview of the PTE course offered at NCC Global is as below:


The lessons go for three hours each day, and they feature a live and interactive segment with the instructor as well as daily practice assignments to help students discover their weak areas and track their progress. The practice, meanwhile, is not exclusive to the course. The instructors would be pleased to help if the student wanted to practice further.


The course plan is designed keeping in mind the final format of the exam which includes:

  • Computer-delivered assessment of 4 modules: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.
  • 20 integrated question types

Benefits of PTE Coaching

PTE Academic is a widely used exam that has been approved for use in immigration and visa procedures by the governments of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, in addition to more than 3,000 colleges and universities worldwide. The following are additional advantages of the PTE Academic:

  • The exam is offered in multiple slots each day, so anyone can take it whenever it is convenient for them. Depending on availability, the test can be scheduled even at the last minute.
  • To guarantee that test-takers have a quiet and stress-free atmosphere to complete their tests, the exams are administered in a top-notch computer facility with a small seating capacity.
  • The 2-hour short test can be completed in one sitting very easily as all 4 modules, i.e. reading, listening, writing, and, speaking are completed in a single sitting.
  • Because of automated marking, scores are not only precise and objective but also quick. The test-taker may obtain their results as soon as 48 hours after the exam is completed but no later than five business days.
  • The students are not required to pay additional fees to send their test results to any number of institutions.

What is PTE?

Pearson Test of English Academic is a globally accredited exam that is designed to be taken by non-native English speakers for their study and immigration purposes. Pearson has designed the test in such a way that it tests language skills in a realistic and practical manner. PTE Academic evaluates the test takers reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills which help in approving their English proficiency. This score is an essential part of the application process for study and/or immigration purposes.


The test has three parts. Part 1 of the test accesses the candidate’s oral and written competencies. The questions in this section are designed in a fairly integrated way to analyze a student’s level of speaking and writing relative to the level of English used in an academic setting.

The second part of the test assesses the reading skills by using different types of questions like Fill-ups and Sentence arrangements to judge the reading level of the candidate. These questions also hold an integral part in judging the writing skills of the test taker.

The third part of the test uses audio and video to assess students’ listening skills in an academic environment. In addition, reading and writing skills are tested in addition to listening comprehension with questions such as ‘Highlight the correct summary’ and ‘Write from dictation’.

Changes in Pattern

As of November 16, 2021, PTE Academic exam is of 2 hours compared to the previous 3-hour duration. However, other than reducing the number of questions and removing Enabling Skills from the scorecard, there were no significant changes to the exam pattern. Skills report is a new tool for the students and their trainers as it is the feedback that has pointers that help them improve their skills.


Candidates will receive their results via email within 48 hours to 5 business days. Candidates receive a scorecard and Skills Report. These tools help one understand their performance and language levels. A total score from 0 to 90 helps determine a candidate’s English level on a global level. The Skills Report further breaks down the candidate’s performance into eight skill categories for individuals. These tools help one better understand the test performance and identify weaknesses. It also includes recommended exercises to help students and trainers work more effectively and improve.

Details about Examination Fee and Schedule

The test takers can book their exams on any day of the week and can also choose from the multiple slots available according to their availability. India has 35 test centers, with three test centers in Chandigarh. The exam fee is Rs.14,700, including 18% taxes as of September 2022*. The test can be booked online with a valid Passport which will also be used for identification during a security check on the test day.

Why Choose NCC Global for PTE Coaching?

NCC Global can be your companion on your journey towards achieving your dream of studying abroad. Our students’ results and testimonials are proof of our commitment to providing our students with quality education and training. Some of the key features of choosing NCC Global as the place for your PTE Academic coaching are listed below:

1. Certified and highly skilled faculty who are in sync with the latest updates related to the exam with regular trainings and workshops; This helps them ensure that the curriculum is at par with the exam pattern.

2. Integrated and hybrid teaching methodology, including in-class learning and sufficient practice time to give the student to implement the skills, learned in the class.

3. Personalized and one-on-one sessions to help students learn at their own pace and ensure personal attention.

4. Limitless doubt sessions with supportive and considerate trainers who are ever ready to help the students ace their exams.

5. The extensive and comprehensive study material is frequently updated to match the latest exam pattern.

6. Regular and frequent tests to ensure constant progress tracking and performance analysis.

7. Constructive feedback by the trainers helps students work on their performance and improve.

8. Scheduled mock tests to help students experience the real test scenario and understand their progress level.

9. Regular group discussions and mock interviews to enhance communication and personal skills.

10. Online classes are available to make learning more accessible for students.

11. 100% result of our institute is proof of our commitment to providing the best learning experience making us a well-known PTE Coaching institute in Chandigarh.

12. Online sessions with ex-students to help you know about first-hand experience are available.

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