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Study In UK

Study in UK

Home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities like Oxford & Cambridge, the United Kingdom is a popular destination for millions of study abroad/ Indian aspirants. Apart from the outstanding academic standards and global recognition opportunities, the UK also attracts international students for other reasons like diversity, better standard of living, practical education, exposure etc. However, because of its high expense requirement, most Indian and international students often worry about the costs they have to bear while studying in the UK.

But the good news is if managed effectively and with a balance, the living expenses in the UK for Indian students and other international students can be reduced. NCC Global is here to guide you throughout the UK study abroad process. However, before connecting with NCC Global counselors to take expert guidance on the UK admissions process, look at the top UK universities, costs, intakes, scholarships, job opportunities, benefits of the UK, and more.

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London (UCL)
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • The University of Manchester
  • King’s College London
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • The University of Warwick
  • University of Bristol

Types of Degree Programs in UK

The country also offers various degree programs like bachelors, MS, or MBA. Let’s get detailed insights about these and more.

Degree Types and Duration Average Tuition Fee (INR)
Undergraduate Degree Foundation Degree: 1-year 6,00,000 per year
Diploma of Higher Education: 1-2 years 9,29,979 to 24,17,947 per year
Certificate of Higher Education: 1-2 years 11,00,000 to 62,00,000 per year
Higher National Diploma: 1-2 years 7,43,983 per year
Bachelors of Undergraduate Degree: 3 years 9,29,979 to 18,59,959 per year
Post-graduate Level Masters Degree: 1-3 years 15,80,965 to 37,19,919 per year
PhDs/ Doctorate Degree 3 years 5,57,987 per year

Intakes in UK

Unline the Indian universities, the UK universities, b-schools, and colleges offer 3 intakes including.

Fall Intake Aug/Sep to late Dec/Jan
Spring Intake January to May
Summer Intake May to Aug

Cost of Studying in UK

Cost of studying mainly includes the tuition fees for UK universities and the cost of living. The average cost of living for an international student in the UK is INR 11,15,975 lakhs per annum, whereas the average tuition fee is INR 7,90,482 to 16,92,563 lakhs per annum. NCC Global counselor’s have estimated these costs for an international student as follows:

Expenses Average Cost (INR)
Tuition Fees 7,90,482 to 16,92,563 lakhs per year
Accomodation 46,498 to 65,098 per month
Food 9,299 to 18,599 per month
Transportation 2,700 to 3,700 per month
Household Bills 3,700 to 4,649 per month
Entertainment 3,700 to 4,649 per month
Additional Costs 18,599 to 27,899 per month
Health Insurance 43,709 per year

Next, a study abroad aspirant needs to fulfil the basic admission requirements in the UK.

Admission Requirements

Go through the list of requirements to pursue your higher education in the UK.

  • Qualifications and Grades: Universities in the UK ask for an overall GPA of 3.75 and above out of 4 and 70% or above. These requirements can vary according to the bachelors, masters, and PhD courses in different universities.
  • Entrance Tests: An international student must qualify for various entrance tests cut off depending on your selected course/university requirements. UK universities can ask candidates to take GMAT, GRE, LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT, or university-specific entrance tests. Connect with NCC Global counselors to select your university.
  • Language Proficiency Criteria: If you are from a nation whose first language isn’t English, UK universities will ask for an English Proficiency test; IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, UCLES, or IELTS UKVI. Our counselors will guide you on which one to prepare for your UK study abroad education.
  • Mandatory Documents: The UK universities ask for a list of mandatory documents that every candidate needs to submit along with the abovementioned requirements. These documents help international students build their profiles better than their fellow applicants. The list includes:

1. Application form

2. ID proof

3. A valid passport

4. Passport size photographs

5. Certificate of English language proficiency

6. Other entrance exams score

7. Birth certificate

8. Academic transcripts

9. Reference letters if required

10. Statement of Purpose

11. Portfolio (if applicable)

12. CV/ Resume

13. Proof of funds and other bank statements

14. Student Visa

With all these requirements, still why international candidates should choose the UK for their higher education? Let’s check the perks of the UK as a study-abroad destination.

Why Study in UK?

1. Top Ranked Universities

a. The United Kingdom is home to the world’s most renowned internationally acclaimed universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, King’s College London, and University College London, making it the most reached study abroad destination globally.

b. Students choose the UK as a study destination because its degrees/qualifications are internationally recognised and help an individual grab amazing growth opportunities.

c. The country has world-class education, remarkable work prospects/recruiters, and an exciting student work-life balance.

2. Quality Education and Amazing Research Opportunities

a. Universities in the UK are known for their emphasis on students gaining practical knowledge in their chosen field of study. Thus, the universities ensure that a student gains hands-on experience.

b. The UK universities promote small class sizes for each student to help them get equal access to all the required study-related facilities/opportunities.

c. In the UK, students have the flexibility to choose from different subjects offered by universities. Further, the courses can be tailored to suit a student’s interests, specialisation, and career goals.

d. In UK universities, the research opportunities for students are of world-class quality as the universities in the UK accept regular funding for research from various government/ private sources.

e. The high quality of education and emphasis on science & research in the UK make graduated students globally a top choice for corporations who want to hire well-trained professionals.

f. Here the students study and work with some of the best minds from various fields and industries, using the most advanced technologies worldwide.

3. Short Courses

Pursuing a postgraduate course in UK universities is relatively short compared to other countries like Australia, etc. For example, an MBA in the UK is usually of a 1-year duration, making it a cost-effective/ beneficial option for international students. It also gives international/ Indian students an opportunity to explore the job market sooner in comparison to the students studying in other countries.

4. Enriched Living Experience

The UK has a multicultural society with a diverse population and attractions that provide a homely environment to its pool of international/ Indian students. Its excellent healthcare facilities, widely varied cuisine, beautiful and globally recognised architecture, multiple cultures, and sports events make education and stay an enriching experience.

5. Post-study work rights

In September 2019, the new UK Graduate Immigration Route announced that international aspirants could hold a valid Tier 4 and Tier 2 visa to stay, work, or look for work in the UK for a maximum of two years post-completion of the study. This new route is in effect now.

Top Job Opportunities in the UK

After acquiring a Tier-4 student visa, international students need to apply for a Tier-2 work visa to stay in the UK and search for a job opportunity from an approved employer. The top job roles in the UK can be accessed in the following sectors. Let’s explore their names and average estimated salaries.

Job Sector Average Annual Estimated Salary
Engineering INR 55,70,579
Healthcare INR 155,30,662
Human Resource INR 62,40,164
Accountancy and Finance INR 67,98,152
Marketing and Sales INR 74,02,639
Computer Science and Information Technology INR 65,37,757
Advertising and PR INR 66,40,055
Education INR 70,02,747
Law INR 79,60,627
Art and Design INR 41,14,888

Besides this, the country offers various in-demand professions like Software Engineer, Aircraft Pilot and Flight Engineers, Marketing Sales Director, Financial Managers, Health Services and Public Health Managers, etc.

Scholarships in UK

UK offer various scholarships to international students to reduce their out-of-pocket costs. Let’s check the top scholarships with their grant/ stipend amounts.

Scholarship Stipend Amount (Pound)
Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship £ 22,477 to 49,686
Kingston University London Scholarship £ 5,000
Bristol University Scholarship £ 8,500
Gates Cambridge Scholarship Complete Tuition Fee
Flex Scholarship 100% course fee + £15,840
Castle Smart Scholarship £ 6,000
Royal Society Grants Vary with nature of grant
Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship £ 8,000 for universities
£ 4,000 for colleges
Chevening Scholarships Covers tuition fees, living accommodation for a set rent, economy class flight ticket, and more.
Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Covers airfares, tuition fees, and maintenance expenses.
Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships Covers accommodation fees, living costs in the UK, and £600 towards travel.
GREAT Scholarship £ 10,000 for taught post-graduate course
University of Westminster Scholarship £ 5,000 to 6,000

Get a detailed understanding of all these aspects by connecting with NCC Global counselors. This best study abroad consultant in Chandigarh will guide you with the university selection, admissions application, loan/scholarship application, visa application, forex services, and preparation of aptitude tests like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc.

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