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Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand


New Zealand is a country of more than 700 islands situated in the southwestern Pacific ocean. It is a country with only 4.7 million population making it a habitable location to study abroad. New Zealand offers internationally recognized degrees, internships, a well-curated educational system, and several other opportunities. It is one of the most welcoming countries and a preferable location for Indian students who want to study overseas.

If you want to pursue your higher education in New Zealand, here is some necessary information you should know.

So let’s dive in.

Universities/colleges in New Zealand

New Zealand is a hub of various top institutions and universities that offer multiple courses. If you are planning to study in New Zealand then here is the list of some top universities to you can apply for:

University of Otago

The University of Otago ranks 184th in the Q.S. world ranking and accommodates 21,246 students of undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. It was founded in the year 1869, and it offers more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate courses with flexible study options. Also, its Central Library is ranked the 13th best in the world.

Popular degrees: Master’s and Bachelor’s

University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is the largest and most comprehensive University in New Zealand, which ranks 85th in the Q.S. world rankings. It was founded in the year 188 and accommodates 33,050 students in undergraduate and Postgraduate courses.

Popular degrees: Master’s or PGDip, Bachelor’s, Ph.D.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington ranks among the top universities and holds the 223rd position in the Q.S. world ranking. It was founded in 1897 and accommodates about 22,273 students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It has nine faculties, out of which 8 hold research and teaching.

Popular degrees: Master’s and Bachelor’s

University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury offers world-class education and holistic learning experience which made it rank 258th position in the Q.S. world ranking. It was founded in 1873 and accommodates about 18.771 students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It has diverse study options in 150 subject areas.

Popular degrees: Masters, Bachelor’s, Ph.D., Diploma, and certifications

Massey University

Massey University offers three campuses in Auckland, Palmerston North, and Wellington, which accommodate 30,885 students. This University is popular for its research-driven teaching system across all three campuses. It was founded in 1927 and ranked 287th in the Q.S. world ranking.

Popular degrees: Masters, Bachelor’s

University of Waikato

The University of Waikato is popular for its top-class management school having achieved international benchmarks of excellence in business studies. It was founded in 1964, and it accommodates 10,448 students. It holds the 373rd position in the Q.S. world ranking.

Popular degrees: Masters, Bachelor’s, Ph.D

Auckland University of technology

Auckland University of Technology, founded in 2000, is the second-largest University in New Zealand. It has 60 research centers and institutes which deliver leading research in various subjects. It partners with more than 5000 industries worldwide and accommodates about 29,118 students.

Popular degrees: Masters, Bachelor’s, Ph.D., MBA

Lincoln University

Established in 2001 Lincoln University offers 35 undergraduate and four graduate programs. It accommodates around 16,245 students.

Popular degrees: Masters, Bachelor’s

In-takes available in New Zealand

In New Zealand, two major intakes are available depending on which University you choose to be admitted to. Intakes are available twice a year.

Here are they:

January/February Intake

January intakes are available in different universities in New Zealand for the session that begins at the start of the year. However, the application process begins three months prior.

July Intake

International students prefer July intakes among the two, for which the application process begins in April and goes till May.

Other Intakes

Apart from the two major intakes, other intakes are also open for specific courses in March, April, and May. These are for vocational and short-term courses at Universities in New Zealand. These are for the summer semesters for international students who want to pursue certificates, diplomas, or associate degrees. If you want to apply, the application process starts in November.

We recommend you prepare at least six months before the intake cycle begins in the University you want to apply for. A lot of documentation is required before you reach your dream university. They are all daunting processes; however, you can take help from study-abroad consultants in Chandigarh.

Student visa requirements for New Zealand

New Zealand offers the best education in the world, but getting a study Visa from this country is difficult. They have a complex system and documentation is a bit lengthy.

The visa application process would cost you approximately INR 1252 through the online process while 24,500 through the offline process. You must apply for your visa at least a month before your program begins to prevent last-minute chaos. These student visas only have a 1-year validity and are renewable.

Here is the list of major documents that you will need during the Visa application process:

  • Letter of Acceptance from the University attested by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • Academic transcripts like diplomas, certificates, and degrees.
  • Duly filled Study Visa Application form
  • Police clearance certificate with age proof and clean criminal record
  • The complete medical examination report
  • SOP ( if required)

Apart from these, more supporting documents are required, which are often tedious to handle and understand. Visa filing is a complicated process, and it’s better to let experts handle it. We offer the best study visa consultants for New Zealand and would love to help you.

Types of degrees

Universities in New Zealand offer various degrees which include:

Undergraduate degrees: These range from 2 or 3 years depending on the University and program you have chosen.

Popular undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Business (Management)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science

Postgraduate degrees: These range from one to two years.

  • Masters of Public Health
  • Master in Computer Science
  • Masters in IT
  • Masters of Data Science
  • Masters of Cyber Security

Postgraduate diplomas: 1 year

Ph.D.- A Ph.D. in New Zealand typically ranges between 3-4 years, and New Zealand universities offer the best combination of research opportunities with extra-curricular opportunities.

  • Educational Research degrees
  • Ph.D. in Anthropology
  • Ph.D. in Ecology

Requirements to study in New Zealand:

New Zealand universities invite students from around the world to apply for their best educational programs. Moreover, every University conducts its separate entrance examination to take admission. Thus, it is recommended to take guidance from Study Visa consultants in Singapore for a detailed understanding of each step.

However, here is a beginner’s checklist to understand whether you meet the basic requirement to study in New Zealand.

  • The basic requirement for international students is to meet minimum English requirements.
  • The students applying for the U.G. course should have completed their 12th from a recognized board with a minimum score of 75%.
  • Some universities also demand IELTS or TOEFL scores to check proficiency in the English language. A minimum score of 6.5/7 in IELTS and 90 or above in TOEFL is required for eligibility.
  • To join the P.G. course, students should have completed three years of a degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • Courses like MBA require a few years of working experience also.
  • Apart from this, the students should have completed 18 years of age to join the degree program.
  • Also, documents of the previous qualification, statement of purpose, and letter of recommendation are necessary.

Every University has different criteria and requirements, which are different for public and private universities. So, for better understanding, take help from the Study Visa consultants in Singapore.

Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a beautiful country offering much more than a picturesque landscape. It offers an excellent education system, ample research opportunities, and an unmatched quality of life. New Zealand is becoming one of the best preferences for pursuing education among international students because of its welcoming and friendly society.

If you are still wondering why you should choose New Zealand for pursuing overseas education here are the reasons:

Globally recognized Universities:

Most universities in New Zealand are ranked high in Q.S. World Rankings. The quality of education offered by these universities is globally accepted and thus opens the door to unlimited possibilities for students.

Excellent education system:

The U.K. education system influences New Zealand. Thus, it focuses on research-based teaching and imparts practical knowledge. Regardless of the program you opt for; you will be given opportunities to earn hands-on experience in the relevant industry. Students are trained to think critically and become better problem solvers.

Innovation and research:

New Zealand is a hub of various research centers which has well-equipped labs, access to the latest technology, and highly experienced faculty and equipment. New Zealand universities offer their students access to all these facilities to ingrain a research spirit in them.

Ample scope for Ph.D. scholars:

A Ph.D. degree requires research and New Zealand is the ideal place. Along with access to research centers, Ph.D. scholars are given additional privileges. There is a fee concession and you can work along with your studies.

Quality of life:

New Zealand hosts a rich multicultural environment and serene landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains to steaming volcanoes and golden sandy beaches. Living here will allow every student to grow and learn about different cultures.

Part-time job opportunities:

You can support your education by doing a part-time job of 20 hours weekly during semesters and full-time during holidays.

Lower education fees and scholarships:

Even after following the U.K. education system, New Zealand universities offer education at a lower cost. Tuition fees for a year range around NZ$20,000, or just under £10,000. Also, several scholarships are available for international students to fund their education. However, you need to figure out about them within the timeline. Thus it is recommended to take help from the best study visa consultants for New Zealand.

Admission season and timeline

Admissions in the July and January session for New Zealand Universities begin three months prior. As an international student, if you are planning to take admission in any of the sessions, then make sure to start your planning 12-15 months prior.

The application process is time-consuming, and it takes about 8-10 months to understand and complete the process. You can consult the study abroad consultants in Chandigarh to make this process quicker and easier.

Every University has different application dates and timelines; however, they all lie within the session. Depending on the degree and program you opt for, you will have to check the application dates on the official website of the University. New Zealand visa consultants are updated with all this information; thus, they can guide you effectively.

Why Choose NCC Global

Going for education abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and a single mistake can ruin all your efforts. Thus to make the whole process of study in New Zealand smoother for you, NCC Global offers unmatched guidance via its best study abroad consultants in New Zealand.

NCC global is one of the best foreign education consultancies in Chandigarh that guides you at every step, from application to Visa proceedings. It is the one-stop destination for providing services for education abroad, and you will get every required service under one roof.

Here are the services that we offer-

  • We will help you with the university selection shortlisting of the program after your profile assessment.
  • Our experts provide career guidance and counseling.
  • Our consultants give you detailed information about the University you want to apply to, which includes its fee structure, courses offered, the application process, and job prospects.
  • We provide the best study material to the students preparing for TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAP, PTE, CELPIP, and many other entrance examinations.
  • We get you in touch with past New Zealand students who can guide and share their experiences.
  • Our counselors will update you with all the new rules and regulations for Visa filing and will provide you with the checklist of required documents.
  • They will help you to collect and compile all the important forms and financial statements within the timeline.
  • Our study abroad consultants will assist you in the Visa application process and prepare you for the Visa interview.
  • Our consultants will help you in getting scholarships and an education loan.

NCC Global provides end-to-end 24×7 guidance to students who want to pursue their education overseas. We have experienced and well-trained study-abroad consultants in Chandigarh to guide you at every step.
So if you are looking for assistance, you can blindly trust us for all the study abroad services.

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