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SAT Coaching in Chandigarh

The SAT examination has gained a lot of popularity over the years. You must have heard your friends planning to study abroad talk about giving this examination to gain admission into their dream colleges. However, it gets tricky for a student to manage to prepare for this exam on their own along with working on their schooling and other criteria for studying abroad. For such friends of yours living in Haryana, Chandigarh, and Punjab, there are a lot of coaching institutes in Chandigarh to help them with their preparations. The most reputed institution that you must have heard of is NCC Global. They are armed with the best resources and faculty to help you ace your SAT examination.

What is SAT?

The Scholastic Assessment Test i.e. the SAT is an entrance test used by colleges and universities to determine the student’s eligibility for their undergraduate programs. It is an MCQ-based test that determines your skills across three areas: Evidence-based Reading and Writing, and Mathematics. The test is now available in not just pen and paper based structure, but also an online version. There is no passing or failing this test, as every university has different requirements for its students. The maximum score one can attain on this test is 1600. College Board, an American organisation, conducts these tests several times throughout the year. Your test score has validity for up to 5 years. It is one of the prerequisites for your application to many universities along with the entrance test, interview, past academic records, etc. More than 4000 universities across the globe accept SAT scores for application. In India, approximately 35 universities accept SAT scores. As you can see the wide acceptance of this test and thus consequently its importance.

Importance of SAT:

1. Ivy League colleges seem a far-fetched dream for you. Your SAT score can bring that closer to reality. A good SAT score between 1400-1600 helps you ease your way into top-tier universities like Harvard, California Institute of Technology, etc.

2. Want to get into that college you have been dreaming about for years, but the list of requirements to get into it just doesn’t seem to end? Well, how about you focus on this one most crucial deciding factors for your university admission: your SAT score. This test is your gateway to that college you so desperately want to get into. A good SAT score will reduce the hassle of getting into a good university. Even though this is not the only criterion, a good SAT score strengthens your overall application.

3. Considering the tuition fees nowadays, especially for colleges abroad, may empty your parents’ pockets. To not let this happen, you can invest in preparing for the SAT examination and avail a scholarship on receiving good scores. A lot of colleges in India as well as abroad have

4. Your GPA does not match your desired universities requirement? Do not worry! Your SAT score can help bridge the gap. For eg: if you are applying for an engineering degree and have low math grades, you can compensate for that by improving your score for the Math section in the SAT exam and showcasing your expertise in it.
If you have a low GPA but a high SAT score, you still have the chance of getting into Harvard! So focus on preparing for your SAT exams.

Let’s dive into the pattern of this exam which will help you understand the areas you need to focus on.

The test has three primary sections and one optional test.

Time allotted 65 minutes 80 minutes

55 minutes: calculator portion
25 minutes no calculator portion

35 minutes
No. of questions, 52 questions 58 questions 44 questions
Type of questions Passage-based MCQ questions MCQ questions+ Grid in questions

Calculator and no calculator portions

Passage-based MCQ questions
What are you tested on?
  • Finding evidence in the passage that best supports the question
  • Find a relevant point in the passage that supports the author’s claim
  • Interpret the meaning of given words in the context that they are used in
  • Analysing and interpreting the given data or passage
Your focus area for this section should be on the following topics:

  • Heart of algebra
  • Passport to advance maths
  • Problem solving and data analysis
  • Additional topics (trigonometry, geometry)
You are primarily tested on four aspects in this test:

  • Development questions: asks questions about the focus of the passage and analysis of quantitative information
  • Organisation questions: asks you to recheck the sequence and flow of the passage to give it a logical form
  • Effective language use questions: require you to check the tone, correct word usage, the combination of sentences, etc
  • Standard English conventions: require you to recognize errors in the given sentence and correct it.
    • ○ Includes lack of subject-verb or pronoun-antecedent agreement, incorrect punctuation, and incomplete sentences.
No of questions for each section Total 5 passages that test you on

  • fictional literary work: 1 passage
  • U.S founding document like their constitution or a global cause the Americans were a part of that talks about equality, justice, etc: 1/2 passages
  • Social sciences: 1 passage
  • Scientific works: 2 passages
  • Heart of algebra (19 questions)
  • Passport to advance maths (16 questions)
  • Problem-solving and data analysis
    (17 questions)
  • Additional topics (trigonometry, geometry)
    (6 questions)
  • 1 narrative passage at least, could be a work of fiction or non-fiction
  • Other three passages could be argumentative or informative
Score scale: 200-800
Both reading and writing jointly
200-800 200-800
Both reading and writing jointly

You need not have any prior knowledge of a given topic in the passage for the exam.

As for the math section, you can breathe a sigh of relief as the College Board provides you with all the required formulas on your questionnaire itself.

The questions in the exam are formed with keeping real-life scenarios and the college curriculum in mind. Thus they have direct relevance to your further education and can rightfully test your ability to continue higher education.

SAT Scoring

Both the sections; Math and Reading & Writing contribute equally to the 1600 mark examination.

The score is calculated on the basis of the number of questions you have answered. Sometimes you will need to answer all questions to achieve a full 800. Sometimes, you can let go of one question and still receive full marks.

First, you calculate your raw score depending on the number of questions you answered. Say for eg. You answered 48 questions out of 58 in the Math section, your projected score will be 680. You can use data available online to check for your projected score with respect to your raw score (number of questions you answered.)

The maximum raw score you can achieve on the reading test is 52 and on the writing test is 44. On the math test, you can get a maximum raw score of 58. Through this you receive a final score and adding the scores of both sections gives you a composite score out of 1600.

Any score above 1300 can get you into most universities. However, if you are targeting some of the world’s finest you must aim for nothing less than 1400/1600.

As you can see, SAT exam reaps a lot of benefits, but only upon receiving a good score. You need resources, tests, and a LOT of practice to ace your exams. This is why you should utilize the help of an SAT coaching institute.

  • A coaching institute like NCC Global helps you in identifying the areas that you lack and helps you polish your skills in that
  • If you study on your own, you would have to gather resources from different websites, modules, etc. The precious time that you should be spending on studying gets wasted in this hassle of finding trustworthy resources for each section. Instead let a coaching institute do that work for you, while you engage yourself in the preparations.
  • Are you short of time? Your application starts in a few months and you need to give your SAT exam urgently. Relax and consult a coaching institute. They are equipped with years of experience and expertise in guiding students for this exam. Make use of their experience and you will be able to score well on your exams even in a short span of time.

NCC Global formally known as New Cambridge College has acquired a reputation for being one of the best SAT coaching classes in Chandigarh and the tri-city area.

  • We have been helping students prepare for this test since 2013. Our teachers hold the expertise of more than 10 years. This experience that they bring forth will help you learn some insider tips, tricks, and patterns that the examination follows.
  • Using their experience our experts create our own resources to help you practice for each section. These resources are made by keeping in mind every need.
  • We have a library full of other curated resources from across the web, books, etc to help students find all they need at one place.
  • Our coaching is customized for each student to provide assistance in what they need. Our curriculum is not rigid as each and every student has issues in different topics. We run a diagnostic test once the student enrols to learn about the subject areas that they lack in. Then a curriculum is divided for them keeping their particular needs in mind
  • Throughout the coaching term we carry out tests to check the level of competency and progress the student has reached.
  • Our class timings are designed to match the students’ convenience
  • We provide the students with consistent daily practice for SAT exam. Mock tests are conducted regularly so the student can keep tab of their performance. The mock test are formatted in the same way that the SAT tests are so students feel prepared when appearing for the actual exam
  • Grammar session are covered from the very basics, building on extensive grammar. This helps the students with their writing section.
  • Our coaching is in line with the current demands and is relevant to real life experiences.
  • Ongoing doubt clearing sessions throughout the term. Our experts answer the students’ query in less than a day’s time.
  • Upon receiving SAT scores, we also help students shortlist colleges that they are eligible for given their scores
  • We also help students find scholarship opportunities on the basis of their SAT scores
  • We can help you boost your score in a short span of 3 months too!
  • We also provide assistance in planning and applying for your university and visa. Assistance is extended to the point where you do not settle in the country of your choice.
  • We host regular batches in the morning and evening hours with an additional option of weekend classes for school-going students.
  • We provide classes in hybrid mode which means that students can attend any session either at the institute in a classroom environment or at home online.
  • Assistance is also provided for career planning and financial management. We are here to provide you with our services and build long lasting relations with our students.
  • What are you waiting for? Book a consultation session with the best SAT coaching classes in Chandigarh, NOW!

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