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Cost of Studying in New Zealand

Cost of studying in New Zealand

We cannot deny the fact that studying abroad can be expensive. The expense is not just about the tuition fees of the university there are a lot of other expenses involved. Education in all foreign countries is expensive in some or another way and New Zealand is no exception.

New Zealand is one of the most preferred study destinations for most students. There are multiple reasons for that. New Zealand offers the following things that make it one of the best location for education:

  • A well-developed education system that follows British methodology and academic style
  • Fewer tuition fees as compared to other foreign countries like UK and US
  • Friendly people and warm culture
  • Study facilities and state-of-the-art research

Even if the tuition price of universities in New Zealand is low, there are other costs involved such as accommodation, transport, food, and other living expenses. Now you might wonder how much it would cost you in total if you choose to study in New Zealand.

Here is how UK universities and faculties behave their admission cycles during the year

University tuition fees in New Zealand

New Zealand has a lot of top-class public and private universities whose tuition fees vary depending on the
course. Best study Visa consultants for New Zealand will help you in finding the best university and course for you as per your interest and academic background.

Tuition fees at public universities

If you choose to study in public universities in New Zealand then as an international student you will be required to pay tuition fees. The cost of tuition fees depends on the type of degree, level of education, and duration of the course. The overall cost for a Bachelor’s degree somewhere ranges between 4,100–6,100 EUR/year, for a master’s degree 7,300–10,500 EUR/year and for Ph.D. degrees 3,700–5,100 EUR/year. The cost of Medical science and Veterinary science can be even more expensive.

Tuition fees at private universities

Private universities in New Zealand are more expensive than public universities. The fees in these universities range from 20,000 EUR to 25,000 EUR and even more per academic year.

Tuition fees in public and private universities may vary depending on the degree you choose for. You can opt for scholarships offered by these universities to lower the amount of tuition fees. Study abroad consultants in Chandigarh will update you with the scholarship details.
Here is the average amount of tuition fees for various degrees that you can expect in New Zealand universities:

Undergraduate in New Zealand

If you are going to pursue undergraduate courses in New Zealand then you can expect to pay approximately NZ$22,000-25,000 (INR 9,87,390 – INR 12,24,238) per year. The breakdown expense for each undergraduate degree is:

  • For Diplomas/Certificates- 1$2,000 – $18,000(Rs 6,24,313.07- 9,36,469.60)
  • For Medical and Health sciences- $44,000 – $77,328( Rs 22,89,837.37 – 40,24,285.09)
  • For Engineering- $44,526 (Rs 23,19,084.84)
  • For Bachelors- $22,000 – 32,000 (Rs 11,44,573.96 – 16,65,336.27

Postgraduate Study in New Zealand

If you are going to pursue postgraduate courses in New Zealand then you can expect to pay approximately NZ$26,000-$37,000 (12,82,872.92 INR-18,25,626.85 INR) per year. The breakdown expense for each undergraduate degree is:

  • For Masters- NZD 26,000 – 37,000(Rs 13,53,085.72 – 19,25,545.06)
  • For PhD- NZD 6500 – 9000(Rs 3,38,271 – 4,68,375.83)
  • For MBA- NZD 31,000 – 50,000(Rs 16,13,294.51 – 26,02,087.92)

Masters in New Zealand

New Zealand offers plenty of opportunities to students who want to pursue a master’s degree. The welcoming environment provided by New Zealand to pursue a master’s degree and that too at an affordable price makes it an ideal study destination for international students around the world. A Master’s degree is a two-year degree program for some courses and a research-based degree program offered by certain specialized courses.

  • Master of Science in Computer Science- NZD 67,091.45 (Rs 33.1 Lakhs)
  • Master of Science (Microbiology)-NZD 50,859.14 (Rs 25.1 Lakhs)
  • Master of Analytics-NZD 50,071.93 (Rs 24.7 Lakhs)
  • Master of Science in Biochemistry-NZD 60,617.00 (Rs 29.9 Lakhs)

MBA in New Zealand

MBA is one of the most popular and globally recognized degrees offered by New Zealand universities. Every year thousands of students choose to pursue MBA from universities in New Zealand. Being the most lucrative career in business management is one of the most preferred courses by students worldwide. New Zealand universities offer students a variety of options to choose from different courses.

Here is a list of universities in New Zealand with their fees structure from where you can pursue an MBA:

  • Eastern Institute of Technology 11.4 Lakhs for First Year(1.5 Years)
  • Massey University 25.3 Lakhs(1 Year)
  • Victoria University of Wellington 21 Lakhs for First Year
  • Auckland Institute of Studies 16.5 Lakhs for First Year(18 Months)
  • Otago Polytechnic 18.9 Lakhs for First Year(1.5 Years)
  • University of Auckland 25.6 Lakhs for First Year(15 Months)

Medicine in New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the best medical schools namely: the University of Auckland and the University of Otago. MBBS is a six-year degree program in New Zealand.
Here is a list of programs along with the fee structure:

  • Clinical Education- NZD 28,350 (Rs 1,39,566.57 Lakhs)
  • Occupational Medicine- NZD 24,800 (Rs 1223056.89 lakhs)
  • Master of Science (Optometry and Vision Science)- NZD 31,500 (Rs 1553479.52 lakhs)
  • Medical Physics- NZD 36,900 (Rs 1819790.29 Lakhs)
  • Health Sciences- NZD 52,150 (Rs 2571871.64 Lakhs)
  • Child Health- NZD 40,800(Rs 2012125.85 Lakhs)

Ph.D. in New Zealand for Indian Students

8 universities in New Zealand offer Ph.D. degrees and all of them are ranked under QS ranking. Here is the list of Ph.D. programs with their fee structure:

  • Accounting, Management, Engineering- NZD 7,326.60 (Rs 3,61,115.53 Lakhs)
  • Applied Sciences, Cult-urology, Education, Law- NZD 9,760 (Rs 481053.64 Lakhs)
  • Humanities, Marketing, Chemistry- NZD 7,220 – 8,697 (Rs 3,55,861.53 Lakhs)
  • Computer Science, Communication, Business- NZD 39, 201 (Rs 4,28,660.35 Lakhs)
  • Biomedicine- NZD 9,671 (Rs 4,76,342.79 lakhs)

Engineering in New Zealand for Indian Students

Various universities in New Zealand offer engineering degrees along with practical experience. You can pick from a variety of engineering programs.
Here is a list of engineering programs offered by universities in New Zealand with their fee structure:

  • Computer Science- NZD 66,570.43 (Rs 32.8 Lakhs)
  • Information Technology- NZD 50,536.70 (Rs 24.9 Lakhs)
  • Creative Technologies- NZD 48,507.12 (Rs 23.9 Lakhs)
  • Software Engineering- NZD 55,631.75 (Rs 27.4 Lakhs)

Diploma/ Certificate Courses in New Zealand

There are multiple diploma and certification courses offered by universities in New Zealand that you can take up. Here is the list of diploma courses along with their fee structure:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education- NZD 54719.71 (Rs 27 Lakhs)
  • Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching- NZD 44189.01 (Rs 21.8 Lakhs)
  • Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching- NZD 42,965.11(Rs 21.2 Lakhs)
  • Graduate Diploma in Mentoring and Professional Leadership-NZD 27,359.86 (Rs 13.5 Lakhs)

Cost of Student Visa

After tuition fees, another important expense that should be considered is the cost of a Visa. Without a Visa, you can’t visit New Zealand. The cost of a student Visa for New Zealand is around $270. You can consult the best study visa consultants for New Zealand for hassle-free Visa documentation.

Student living costs in New Zealand

Once Visa and tuition cost is sorted, the next thing that comes into the picture is the overall budget for living in New Zealand as a student. The living cost includes accommodation, food, transportation, and some extra expenses. You need to have a budget of 750–1,300 EUR per month to live in New Zealand. However, this budget may fluctuate depending on your lifestyle, the type of accommodation you choose, and the food you eat. Moreover, you will also be required to keep a sum of money aside for your extra expenses such as social activities, groceries, and emergencies. It is important to keep track of the amount of money spent when living as a student in a foreign country. Having a pre-planned budget in mind will save you from overspending.

Here is the breakdown of the cost of living:

Student accommodation costs

Most of the universities in New Zealand offer in-campus accommodation to international students which is one of the most affordable options to opt for. But you have to apply for it in advance to secure a seat for yourself. The in-campus accommodation will cost you around NZD 215-NZD 555 per week. This price range might vary depending on the city and type of accommodation.

On the other hand, you can also choose to stay independently i.e. off-campus where you can share apartments with other students or live in a homestay with a local family. However, in these cases, you will have to learn to adopt a different lifestyle. A shared apartment can cost you around NZ$120. This price may fluctuate depending on the city.

Study abroad consultants in Chandigarh help you find the most affordable accommodation at the best place.

Food costs in New Zealand

You will have to spend around 150-200 EUR per month on groceries and food. This price may increase or decrease depending on how much you eat, what you eat and where you eat.

Transportation costs

New Zealand has a well-developed bus system which you can choose for traveling in the city. It is the most cost-effective method of transportation. You will be required to pay around 90 EUR for bus travel. As a student, you might get a discount also.

Additional costs in New Zealand

Apart from the basic needs of food, accommodation, and travel you will sometimes need to spend extra on other things like entertainment, social activities, and emergencies. Moreover, the cost of mobile bills and healthcare needs are also included in the additional expenses.

As an international student, you need to have medical insurance if you want to study in New Zealand. It is compulsory for all Indian students. Certain universities in New Zealand also offer comprehensive medical insurance plans for international students but it is valid only until your program is over.

On the other hand, some universities do not offer medical insurance, thus you have to arrange private medical insurance on your own. The cost of medical insurance ranges between NZ$ 200 – NZ$ 700 a year. However extensive family and support service is available for Indian students.

Why Choose NCC Global?

Going abroad is a dream of many students but due to high expenses and lack of knowledge, they aren’t able to fulfill it. Indeed foreign education is expensive but that doesn’t mean you cannot achieve your dreams. With the right guidance and support, it is possible to study abroad. To help you in fulfilling your dreams NCC global offers incredible guidance and the best abroad services. You can consult with the best study abroad consultants in New Zealand to know everything about the country and its education facilities.

NCC global is one of the best abroad education consultancies located in Chandigarh. It guides you at every step and ensures that you achieve your dream. From career counseling to Visa proceedings, you can avail of all the services at NCC global.

Here is the list of services we offer to the students:

  • Selection of university and course based on the profile assessment
  • Career counseling from the best study abroad consultants in Chandigarh.
  • Our experts will help you in finding the best university and will brief you about every detail that you should know before applying for it.
  • We also offer the best study materials for the preparation of exams such as PTE, IELTS, GMAT, TOEFL, SAP, CELPIP, and many other entrance examinations.
  • We also get you in touch with past New Zealand students so that you can learn from their experiences.
  • Our New Zealand visa consultants will update you with all the changes in rules and regulations for Visa proceedings and help you with documentation also.
  • Our New Zealand visa consultants will assist you in the Visa application process and prepare you for the Visa interview as well.
  • Our experts will guide you in availing the scholarships and education loans also.

NCC global is a one-stop solution to all your foreign education needs. We have experienced and well-trained foreign consultants to assist you at every step. So you can choose us for a hassle-free departure to your dream study destination.

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