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Pre-Departure Guidance

Pre-Departure Guidance

Once a candidate receives a Letter of Acceptance from their desired international university, they must prepare a checklist of things required for pre-departure. Because at the time of departure, leaving an important document at home or getting late for the flight is not a suitable scenario. Therefore, a study abroad candidate needs to pay attention to various things before leaving to abroad.

We understand that last-minute preparations can become strenuous. Besides, before departure, a student often gets charged with the emotions of leaving loved ones and the excitement of beginning a new journey. To reduce your stress, we developed NCC Global’s pre-departure guidance service!

NCC Global’s pre-departure guidance service includes a session on all the crucial parameters that a study abroad aspirant must consider before taking off to the host country. With this service, one can ensure safe, comfortable, and peaceful travel and landing. Under this, our counsellor ensures that a study abroad aspirant has all the crucial documents/things required for a safe journey.

These are the pre-departure pointers that our expert counselors guide all the students to follow.

  • A student must carry all the crucial documents, like passports, visas, flight tickets, boarding passes, academic documents, student cards, accomodation proof, etc. Do not leave anything at home, as a lack of a document can raise difficulty in the travel and landing.
  • Students must carry travel insurance that protects them from natural calamities, flight cancellation, evacuation in unforeseen circumstances (we hope this never happens), etc.
  • The students are also advised to carry health insurance along with travel insurance. However, it has to be procured as part of the university application. We will help the students connect with universities to enquire about the same.
  • The students must carry 25-27 kg of luggage, depending on the international flight rules. So read the airport travel manual beforehand.
  • They must carry proper clothing that resonates with the local population. You have to live with the locals so try not to be odd in terms of fashion choices.
  • Carrying universal chargers for charging laptops, phones, etc, is critical as the electric plug-ins in international countries differ entirely from India.
  • In the carry-on bags, students are advised to carry gadgets like laptops, mobiles, regular medicines, flight snacks, and essential boarding documents.
  • The students must avoid carrying books, as they will read them once. Thus, procuring them from a student library or international bookstores is better.
  • If you don’t already know, the timing for international flights is different from local flights. NCC Global’s counsellors suggested the study abroad aspirants arrive for their flight at least three hours before departure to avoid any potential lineups for luggage drop-off, security, or other issues.
  • We also advise the students to carry the host country’s currency. One can procure it from airports, authorised dealers by RBI, etc. This can be used to pay the taxi/ cab drivers from the airport to your accommodation without hassle.
  • Our counselors help study abroad aspirants open an international bank account to manage their finances without difficulty. It is also vital for procuring a visa and admission to a university.
  • Besides, our counsellors advise students not to carry certain commodities like food items (to avoid extra weight), liquid bottles (can be procured from the host country), more than month shampoo/oil supply, expensive watches (to avoid theft), etc.
  • The students also must avoid carrying expensive jewellery as it might get stolen or misplaced.
  • We ensure that the candidate must book accommodation in advance to reach a place after landing in the host country/ study abroad destination.

You can connect with NCC Global’s counsellors for a detailed take on all these pointers. Be rest assured, as our counselors are well trained, have immense experience, and deal with more than 50 study abroad aspirants every month. Besides, they keep themselves updated about pre-departure requirements /international travel changes.

In addition to the pre-departure guidance services, NCC Global is proud of its other study abroad offerings as well, like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, ACT, and PTE exam coaching batches for preparation, visa assistance facilities, career counselling sessions, university application guidance, university/course selection guidance, financial loan/scholarship procurement, forex services, and more. We also help students learn spoken English and french language through the guidance of our well-qualified faculty.

NCC Global is among the best study abroad consultants in Chandigarh. To date, we have tutored/mentored more than 10,000 students, helped 2500+ study abroad students/professionals get their visa stamped and fly to study/work abroad, have international partnerships and tie-ups with more than 800 universities/ b-schools/ colleges, and facilitated students in 15+ countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Besides, our counselors personalised guidance to the study abroad aspirants numerous times throughout their international education journey. So connect with NCC Globals counselors today and pave a smooth path for your study abroad dream.

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