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Job Opportunities in Australia

Job Opportunities in Australia

Finding impactful career opportunities in Australia is easy if you know the right network strategy and have the correct information and planning about the job events. Australia entices many international students and aspiring professionals with its well-known educational institutions, progressive universities, friendly immigration policies, and ever-growing economy.

Further, Australia is considered the most popular global destination for study-abroad Indian students. Reports from the “Government’s Department of Education Skills and Employment” mention that as of March 2020, 25,000+ international students flocked to Australia to pursue higher education in Management and Commerce, 23,440 went to pursue Information Technology, and 8,629 international students went to pursue Technology/Engineering. The availability of excellent jobs in these sectors in Australia is a key reason why students and aspiring professionals visit Australia.

Top Job Roles in Australia for International Students

The country offers numerous jobs for Indian freshers with good minimum wages. Suppose a candidate is looking for an impeccable career in Australia. In that case, they can choose from the given top job roles:

  • Registered nurses
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Software and Applications Programmers
  • Electricians
  • Construction Managers
  • Carpenters
  • Motor Mechanics
  • University Lecturers and Tutors
  • Solicitors
  • General Practitioners and Resident Medical officers
  • Accountants

Top Salaries in Australia

Other than the top job roles that international students can pick, a student must know the job roles with the maximum average annual salary in Australia.

Job Role Average Annual Salary (INR)
Executive Management & Change 77,13,000
Logistics, Operations & Purchasing 64,80,000
Finance Control & Strategy 63,00,000
R&D Pharmaceuticals & Biotech 58,50,000
Legal Department 57,76,000
Program & Project Management 56,93,000

As per emolument, the highest-paid job roles in Australia are Executive Management & Change professionals with an average annual salary of ₹7,713,000. The least-paid Australian job roles are Retail, Trade, and Craft professionals with an average annual salary of ₹2,205,000.

How to Find Jobs in Australia?

One should keep numerous aspects in mind when looking for Australian job opportunities. But know that both temporary work and skilled independent visas are crucial.

  • The former enables work in the country in a nominated occupation approved by a sponsor for up to 4 years, provided the sponsor is a fully approved business.
  • The latter holds good for international skilled workers that are not sponsored by their family members/employers or nominated by a territory/state government.

Further, the students must keep searching for job opportunities on popular websites in Australia such as:




Various sources to get job opportunities in Australia.

  • Further, an individual can search for job listings in national/ local newspapers, like Telegraph, Financial Review, and the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • Students can also check tax file numbers for working in Australia.
  • They can find jobs advertised for numerous positions in newspapers and online portals. A resume/cover letter is essential while applying for jobs in Australia.

Job interviews are vital for finding employment in Australia. They may vary from casual/informal discussions to formal discussions with 2 to 3 company professionals and senior management people. If you are still confused about searching for a job in Australia, connect with NCC Global counselors. They will help you search for the best jobs that suit your profile and dreams.

Top Recruiters in Australia with Salaries

There are multiple recruitment agencies and companies in Australia that help international and domestic students during their placements. Let’s check the popular ones in the list!

Recruiter Name Salary (INR)
Clayton Utz 1,05,75,000
Rio Tinto 81,45,000
Westpac 78,75,000
BHP Billiton 67,50,000
Accenture 56,25,000
PwC 54,68,000

The best-paying company in Australia is Clayton Utz, offering an average annual salary of ₹10,575,000.

Benefits of Career Opportunities in Australia

Other than a remarkable salary package, international candidates/ students can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Recognition of educational qualifications and technical skills.

2. Workers in Australia are entitled to receive Pension Benefits. Further, they also get benefits from retirement savings accounts known as Superannuation funds.

3. All part-time and full-time employees in Australia get 20 paid vacation days annually. About 8.67 weeks of paid leave is legislated as extended service leave, and annual leave is payable to employees post ten years of service.

4. Many companies offer paid maternity leave to women and government-funded paternity leave for men.

5. Larger MNCs in several industries in Australia offer personal insurance plans that provide salary continuance coverage and lump sum disability/death insurance.

6. Big companies in Australia are offering subsidised or fully covered health insurance programs/plans, majorly in the professional and IT sectors, with higher salaries.

7. Childcare facilities and working flexibility are available for employees in Australia.

8. Australia offers a fantastic and superior quality of life. The country has a highly accessible healthcare program with a social assistance network that is comprehensive.

/p>9. Study opportunities are available for employees to enhance their education.

10. The country offers various Social Security benefits, including age pension for those 65 years or older people, payment and career compensation plans, sickness allowance/benefits, disability support pension schemes, new start allowance for job seekers, income support, etc.

11. The country has a minimum wage of AUD 1,605 for full-time employees or roughly $1, 087 USD.

12. The country offers working hours as low as 38.5 per week. Further, the workweek is more flexible at several companies as well.

Study Regulations in Australia

International students in Australia can work 40 hours for every two weeks from Monday to Sunday during their study period and unlimited hours during their vacations, i.e. Summer, Christmas, and Easter. Moreover, students can volunteer to work 40+ hours if the following conditions are fulfilled.

  • The studies should not get impacted due to the job/ work.
  • The students must not take up the work of a citizen of Australia.
  • The student must not work for a non-profit organisation without getting cash emoluments for the same.

Important Documents for Getting a Job in Australia

Here are some essential documents required for applying for jobs in Australia.

  • TFN (Tax File Number) from Australia Tax Office to begin working in Australia, to open a bank account, or for other purposes.
  • Tax refunds are to be obtained upon filing tax returns. Therefore, one should file tax returns that are TFN-linked.
  • Applications can be applied online for TFN if one has a Subclass 500 student visa with completely valid work rights.
  • One will require the “Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Student Visa” that can help them gain work experience in Australia for 18 months or 24-48 months, depending on their qualifications. Thus, select any type of work with as numerous hours for working alongside.
  • One should be less than 50 years of age for procuring this visa; or hold the Subclass 500 student visa within the last 6 months; qualified recently for a CRICOS-registered course; applied during their stay in Australia and met all regulatory/obligatory guidelines for studying in the country. They should have health insurance, character certification, and English proficiency score.
  • The students must share evidence of the legal right to work in Australia. This evidence can be the visa, Australia or New Zealand passport, evidence of permanent resident status, Australian birth certificate, or certificate of Australian citizenship.

To know more about Jobs in Australia, connect with NCC Global Counsellors. They will ensure that your job search doesn’t get hampered due to any document or step. Further, you can connect with them for other services, like visa consultation, counselling, scholarship guidance, university selection, etc.

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