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Scholarships in Australia

Scholarship in Australia

Scholarships can help students reduce their out-of-pocket costs and liabilities. They can benefit financially unstable students to achieve their dreams without any hindrance. All one must do is achieve exceptional scores and crack the interview process. Further, each scholarship asks for certain eligibility criteria. So connect with the appropriate university or scholarship agency to enquire. You can also get in touch with NCC Global counsellors to study in Australia and get in-depth knowledge about the courses you are eligible for, the application process, and more.

Australia has many scholarships, grants, and bursaries that can help a study abroad aspirant financially with their studies in Australia. The Australian Government, education providers, and several other public and private organisations offer these scholarships. Further, all scholarship applications and enquiries are made through the scholarship provider.

The major scholarships programs available for international students in Australia are:

1. Australia Awards

The Australia Awards scholarship aims to promote exceptional knowledge, education links, plus enduring ties between Australia and neighbouring countries through extensive scholarship programs. This program combines scholarships from:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT)
  • Department of Education
  • Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

2. Destination Australia

The Destination Australia Program (DAP)/ scholarship is an Australian Government program that funds a few tertiary education providers (universities/colleges) to offer domestic/international students scholarships. Destination Australia scholarships stipulate up to $15,000/ INR 12,40,572 yearly for every student. Further, these are available to international/domestic students undertaking studies ranging from a Certificate IV to a PhD for up to 4 years in regional campus locations across Australia.

3. Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)

The Research Training Program (RTP) offers block grants yearly to higher education providers (HEPs) to support both domestic + overseas students undertaking research doctorate or research masters degrees, called higher degrees by research in Australia.

4. Provider Scholarships

Australian education institutes provide scholarships to qualifying international and domestic students based on academic merit. One must consult the admissions team and international office at the provider they are applying for further advice/information. All scholarships listed on its official website are also available for international students.

Many are available to students of distinct nationalities; however, all scholarship conditions are set by the institution, college, or organisation offering the scholarship.

5. Scholarships and Financial Aid for US Students

US students can often access their US Financial Aid to their education institution/ university in Australia. For this, one can connect with various international and charitable organisations that offer US scholarships for international study. One must apply for these scholarships in their home country. A few of them are:

  • Financial Aid for US students
  • Scholarships for US students
  • US GI Bill

6. Australian National University (ANU) Chancellor’s International Scholarship

With 200 received awards, this merit-based scholarship program is open to multiple international students accepted to pursue education at ANU and is divided into 12 different categories. At the undergraduate level, winners of this scholarship are entitled to a stipend with a 25% fee waiver for their education. Further, they may qualify for country-specific grants and will always be judged for the highest-value award they’re eligible for. The application deadline for this Australian scholarship is Dec. 15, 2022.
Every ANU international scholarship category has a limited number of recipients. A student’s citizenship and GPA will determine their scholarship discount. There is no particular application for this scholarship to begin the process. All qualified applicants/students are considered automatically during the admission process. The university will inform a selected student after receiving this award.

  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee discount (may vary depending on the citizenship of a student)
  • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate programs and postgraduate studies

7. Bond University International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship

Bond University in Australia is known to be the first university for student satisfaction at the undergraduate level. So getting one’s bachelor’s degree at this university is worth every cent spent.

This scholarship remits 50% of the tuition fee for the winners in a chosen program. The student must be an intelligent achiever with a minimum ATAR of 96 or equal to have a shot at this competitive award.

8. James Cook University (JCU) Vice Chancellor International Student Scholarship

This is among the most generous Australian scholarships offered to international students. This award provides up to AUD 40,000/ INR 22,28,182 annually to winners for the minimum course duration. Further, the applications are strictly based on invitation-only, with a weighted average score of 85% or higher. And this scholarship is assessed automatically when one submits their course applications.

9. La Trobe University’s Vice-Chancellor Excellence Scholarship for India and Sri Lanka

Future domestic students from these two countries can get eligible for a 100% tuition fee waiver scholarship if they meet all the asked requirements. This scholarship is applicable to bachelor’s-level students on any of La Trobe’s campuses. Further, the students must be registered to study full-time courses.

Further, the candidates will be examined by a selection panel as per their academic and extracurricular achievements. Also, the recipients must agree to be international student ambassadors for La Trobe University throughout their study period.

10. Southern Cross University—Outstanding Academic Excellence Scholarship

The stipend of this scholarship is up to AUD 60,000/ INR 33,42,273. This is among the top Australian scholarships for newcomer international students who prefer to live away from big cities in the country. The award will further be divided at AUD 15,000/ INR 8,35,568 per annum for their complete study duration.

This impeccable scholarship is open to international applicants who get admitted to the Bachelor of Engineering System (Honours) or Bachelor of Science programs at the Lismore campus or the Bachelor of Science degree at the Coffs Harbour campus.

11. University of Canberra’s Vice-Chancellor—Social Champion Scholarship

This scholarship will be given to the students commencing their studies in the Ist semester of 2023. With a stipend value of up to AUD 50,000/ INR 27,85,228 yearly, international students accepted to any full-time degree program/course could stand a chance to gain this prestigious scholarship till they hold a minimum of 80% average score in their course requirements.

12. Sir John Monash Scholarships for Excellence

International students completing Australian 12th standard or International Baccalaureate in Australia with an ATAR of 98+ or equal will be automatically considered for this particular scholarship. However, note that there are only 10 awards for this scholarship in a year, and the total amount is valued at up to AUD 40,000/ INR 22,28,182, divided over a period of a maximum of four years. Considering this scholarship’s well-known reputation, winners may be asked to participate in promotional or marketing activities by the university.

13. Griffith Remarkable Scholarship

This amazing Australian scholarship from Griffith University is valid only for exceptional full-time incoming/ international students. It covers half of a student’s tuition fee amount and is valid for the complete degree program. However, to procure it, students should apply to study at Griffith before the scholarship deadline arrives in each trimester and satisfy various course entry requirements.

14. Deakin International Scholarship

Deakin University awards a scholarship to international graduate students who demonstrate excellent scores in their respective programs. To qualify, one needs to be a student with a coursework degree and accomplish 65% of their studies.

If a student wants to start their application for this Australia scholarship, kindly prepare the needed documents such as:

  • the application form
  • academic transcripts
  • personal statement showing why they are the best fit for this scholarship.

After filling out the scholarship forms and supporting documents, one can send their application to the Deakin International Admissions office at its email address. The university will contact a selected candidate after six weeks if their application is successful.

  • Scholarship Amount: 25% discount on tuition fees
  • Eligible Degree: Graduate programs

15. VU Future Leaders Scholarship

Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, provides internal undergraduate/graduate students with the Future Leaders Scholarship. This scholarship aims to support the financially weak and deprived international students with financial needs.

The application for this scholarship will begin when the students submit their admission application to the university. Once their application for the chosen program is successful, their eligibility for the scholarship will also get checked.

However, if one gets selected for the scholarship, one must remember that first, one needs to pay the tuition fee deposit required by the university. This scholarship offers an extension after a student’s first two discounted semesters, and tuition fees will be 10% less.

  • Scholarship Value: 20% tuition fee discount on the first two semesters.
  • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate programs and postgraduate studies

16. Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship at Macquarie University, a top scholarship in Australia, is considered a highly competitive award for international undergraduates/graduate students. It aims to acknowledge only the exceptional domestic or international students in every program.

To qualify for this scholarship, an applicant must meet the academic and English requirements in the undergraduate/postgraduate programs or coursework. Also, they must meet a particular grade or ranking in the Australian educational system. Further, the university specifies various eligibility criteria for accessing the scholarship amount. Therefore, visit the university’s official website for detailed information.

  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee discount (may vary depending on the student’s application.)
  • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate programs and postgraduate studies

Besides these, Australia offers international students more scholarships, grants, and awards. Connect with NCC Global, the best study abroad consultants in Chandigarh, India to get details.

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