Job opportunities in Germany after MS

Job opportunities in Germany after MS

In addition to having one of the strongest economies in the world, Germany has a massive labour market. Students with an MS degree have a wide range of employment opportunities because of the outstanding labour market. With a great work-life balance, the jobs are some of the highest paying in the sector.

Some of the largest global corporations, conglomerates, healthcare organisations, and IT giants are headquartered in Germany. For students with an MS degree, these companies create some of the highest-paying paid positions.

Below are some of the best job opportunities you can look for after completion of MS degree in Germany:

Data Scientist

One of the most well-known and rapidly expanding job profiles that provides the finest compensation package in the sector is data scientist. A MS student may anticipate receiving a yearly income of €60,391 (INR 52,65,853).

There are plenty of employment openings in data science at leading IT organisations and across a range of sectors. Holders with degrees in data science concentrate on data interpretation and analysis to make the best business decisions and get an advantage over rival businesses. Following an MS, a data scientist profession is a solid choice.


Both Germany and the rest of the globe are in need of competent engineers. Every year, the nation creates a sizable number of engineering employment with the highest pay rates.

Some of the well-known engineering profiles following an MS include chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and automotive engineering. In Germany, the average post-MS pay for engineers is 46,000 EUR (INR 40,10,326) annually.

Project Manager

Project managers have a tonne of employment options in Germany. The typical yearly wage is about EUR 55,000 (INR 47,95,456).

Fresh MS graduates with an IT background can find permanent employment with top German corporations and multinationals. Students with prior experience will likely receive a higher wage than recent graduates. In a company, project managers concentrate on specific IT initiatives with the goal of maximising revenue.

IT Manager

Managers of information technology are in great demand from international IT companies and tech titans. The average annual compensation for IT managers, who play a significant role in the firm, is about €76,000 (INR 66,26,449).

The year-round hiring of IT managers by globally renowned companies makes Germany one of the most competitive countries for technically proficient and deserving students from throughout the world.

Research engineers in robotics

The competitive work market in Germany offers a high-end professional career opportunity. Robotic engineers are highly sought after in both the gaming sector and manufacturing facilities. The highest paid professionals in the field are robotics research engineers, who earn an average yearly income of €103,931 (INR 90,61,756). For professionals, this industry offers excellent potential and a wide range of opportunities.

Automation Engineer

After earning an MS in Robotics, an Automation Engineer is a rewarding professional path. An MS degree holder may expect to earn about €123,000 (INR 1,07,24,385) per year in salaries.

Automation Engineer positions are always available at wealthy companies like Google, NASA, and Siemens. Automation Engineer salaries vary depending on experience and skills, but they are always excellent employment opportunities.

Avionic system support engineer

With an average yearly pay of €107,000 (INR 93,28,367), employers including Google, NASA, Siemens, KION Group, Rockwell Automation, Intuitive Surgical, and Zebra Technologies are hiring avionic system support engineers.

After earning an MS in robotics, it is a rewarding job, and Germany, after Sweden, leads the robotics industry. The numerous chances provided by the top national businesses are appreciated by students.

Data specialist

Students holding an MS in Data Science are eligible for this profile. Many of the most well-known businesses and brands have open positions for Big Data specialists. With an average annual income of €69,000 (INR 60,15,489), it is a prestigious and high-end career opportunity.

Data science is one of the industries with the highest salaries and is in high demand in Germany. Employers across the world value the top skills and abilities that German universities generate.

Sales expert

Professionals with the knowledge to market the goods or services that a company creates are constantly needed by businesses. It is a crucial ability that has always played a crucial role in corporate operations.

The experts would have to do market research, identify important demographics, and develop concepts to make their product available to customers. These positions are ideal for marketing students in Germany. With an ideal average salary of € 57,850, it is the best choice in Germany.

Scientific research

Germany is renowned for both its top-notch educational institutions and its top-notch research universities. Some of the greatest researchers of our time studied at these institutions and also carried out experiments that changed the course of history. After completing their study, science majors can apply for funds to perform research and experimentation in academic institutions. Ph.D. and Masters of Science degree holders are qualified for this employment.

More recently, the globe has experienced significant technological advancements. Professionals who understand technology, including the internet, websites, and software development, were urgently needed. Professionals in information technology are a valuable resource that are now vital for all businesses and organisations to operate. Professionals with a background in computer science and information technology are qualified for the position. With an average salary of € 59, 303, it has the most successful rate in Germany.


Since so many new schools are being created each year, there are a lot of employment opportunities for teachers and tutors who can’t find enough students to fill them. Germany needs qualified professionals who have the ability and drive to instruct future pupils because it is home to one of the greatest education systems that have emerged in recent years.

Students who have completed any basic degree programme may be given consideration for this position at the local schools and even for university-level support positions. With an average salary of € 44,220, it is the most opted choice in Germany.

Administrative jobs

Organizations, especially big ones with complex organisational structures, need experts with the right skill set to make sure that the work keeps going forward in the right sequence. It is the responsibility of administrative professionals to keep an eye on the workforce and business operations to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Between 2,002 EUR (the lowest wage) to 4,630 EUR is generally the gross compensation range for those working in administration in Germany (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). Holders holding master’s degrees in management and business administration are qualified for these positions.

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